Sett League of Legends Abilities, Build and Skins

League of Legends Season 10 brought many new updates in the game including a whole new set of champions, lore and items. Out of all these new changes, we have to say that the introduction of Sett has been our favourite. 
Unlike other bosses, Sett’s powers don’t include peace, Harmony and elemental magic. Instead, Sett League of Legends is the commander of an Ionian Crime mob whose major powers are his physical prowess and damage threshold.

Sett League of Legends History-

Just like every champion in League of Legends, Sett has a history behind his current personality and behaviour. The sett is a half-human and half Vastayan.

Sett League of Legends suffers from daddy issues. His father left him when he was just a kid. This affected Sett adversely as not only did he have to grow up without his father but also had to listen to people’s taunts regarding his physical appearance.

Sett League of Legends

So, he turned towards the fighting pits of Noxus in search of his father. There he found out that his father was travelling around the world going to different fighting pits.

This made sett furious and he swore to become an amazing fighter. Hence, he won lots of battles in the pit and eventually took control of the pit.
Today, the Sett League of Legends is a leader of Ionia’s criminal underworld.

Skins available for Sett League of Legends

There are a total of 4 sett skins. They have been listed below:

  • Sett
  • Mecha kingdoms sett
  • Obsidian dragon sett
  • Obsidian dragon sett premium edition

Sett League of Legends Abilities-

League of Legends Sett is one of the best juggernauts for 1vs1 and 2vs2 fights in the top lane. Following are his powers:

1. Pit Grit

This passive ability has two parts. The first part is heavy hands which allow the half-beast boy to alternate punches between his right and left hand. His first punch is a left-handed one. However, his right-handed punches are much faster and stronger as they gain 50 bonus range and gives bonus physical damage. In fact, sett’s right punch is 8 times faster than his left punch. Sadly though if sett doesn’t give a right-hand punch within 2 seconds of his previous punch, the cycle begins again. The second part of pit grit involves sett drawing on his wild past to achieve bonus health regeneration and is referred to as Heart of the Half Beast.

2. Knuckle Down

League of Legends Sett’s Q (knuckle down) is an active power which allows him to move faster towards his enemies. Furthermore, it also adds bonus damage to his next two basic attacks and resets basic attack timer.

3. Haymaker

Sett’s W (haymaker) allows him to collect all the damage he takes up as Grit (up to 50% of sett’s max HP). Then after a time of four seconds, Grit rots by 30% each passing second. Sett activates haymaker when he wants to blast an area in front of him to damage all the enemies on his right, left and centre with the centre ones being the most affected. In addition to this, he gets a shield as well, which is equal to the Grit expended.

4. Facebreaker

Facebreaker (E) has the ability to bring enemies towards sett’s front and back and slow them down so that physical damage can be given to them. The best part is that if League of Legends sett somehow manages to grab one enemy on both sides, all the enemies under the effect of face breaker will become stunned for a second.

5. The Show Stopper

Sett’s Ultimate (the show stopper) will suppress the opposing champion after which sett will leap forward and bang them into the ground. Sett becomes unstoppable and damages all the enemies in the area nearby. Not only this but the damaged enemies are also slowed down by 99% for 1.5 seconds.

Sett’s Build

Sett has an average win rate of 49.47%. Moreover, he has a pick rate of 3.03%, which is quite high and a ban rate of 1.24%, which is comparatively low. If precision runes and a tanky duelling item build are used properly and combined with the play style of a juggernaut, Sett will become a moderately tough to play champion in league of legends.

The summoner spells to use are flash and teleport. Use precision as a primary rune and domination as a secondary rune. Furthermore, moving towards item builds choose trinity force, mercury’s treads, streak’s a gage, titanic hydra, the maw of malmortious and guardian angel.

Although he hardly has any escape tools, his damage output and tankiness make him worth choosing. What are your opinions on Sett League of Legends?


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