Minecraft Beacon: How to Use Beacons in Minecraft

One of the most significant blocks added in the 1.4.2 update is the Minecraft Beacon. It is one of the most challenging blocks to obtain. Furthermore, Minecraft Beacon is also one of the most expensive blocks that a player can use in the game.

Hence, you might be wondering is it worth getting this block in Minecraft? The answer is yes! If you have a hunger for power and wish to show your off to the rest of the players, we would say go for it!

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What are the Use of Minecraft Beacon?

Following are the uses of beacon:

  • A beacon is a handy source of light with a level of 15.
  • It can melt the snow and ice which is around it.
  • A get going beacon gives out a beam which goes straight into the sky, and anyone can see from a long distance. It is very advantageous if you are exploring Minecraft and want to find a way back home.
  • Additionally, an activated beacon can give players special powers when they are close to it. These powers are cited as status effects.

Crafting Recipe of Minecraft Beacon

This block is not one of those materials that a player can craft easily. A lot of effort and time must be spent to get your hands on this particular block. Following is a list of the materials to prepare a beacon:

  • 5 glass.
  • 1 nether star.
  • 3 obsidian.

Once you have attained all the materials as mentioned earlier, open the crafting menu. There is a specific order in which a player must set all of these in the crafting grid.

Minecraft Beacon, beacon minecraft, how to make a beacon in minecraft, minecraft beacon recipe, minecraft beacon setup, minecraft beacon range, how to use a beacon in minecraft, how to activate a beacon in minecraft, how to make a beacon work in minecraft

In the first row of the grid, place three glass. Then, in the second row, in the middlebox place the nether star. Besides the star in the first and third box, place the remaining two glass. Finally, place the three obsidian in the third row. On your right, you will see the beacon. Drag it to your inventory.

Guide to Activate the Minecraft Beacon

The beacon will activate if you place it on a pyramid. This pyramid can be up to 4 blocks tall and must be made up of specific blocks. These can be of iron, gold, diamond or emerald. You can use any of these in any order. You can also mix the blocks. Another thing to keep in mind is that there should be nothing in between the beacon’s view of the sky. Furthermore, you can also place more than one beacon on your pyramid to enjoy more status effects.

Read further to know the benefits of various level pyramids.

Single-level pyramid

This pyramid will require the least number of blocks. It will allow you to choose between two status effects, i.e. speed or haste. The effective range will be 20 blocks in any direction.

Two-level pyramid

When a player makes a two-level pyramid, he will get more status effects to choose from since resistance and jump boost will also be enabled. The range will also enhance to 30 blocks in any direction.

Three-level pyramid

Although the number of blocks to make this pyramid will be a lot more, it will allow you to choose the strength boost when choosing a status effect. Also, the range will increase up to 40 blocks in any direction.

Four-level pyramid

It is the final level of the pyramid to place your beacon. It will provide you with the advantage of choosing a secondary power or levelling up your primary strength. On top of this, the range will increase up to 50 blocks in each direction.

How to Change the colour of Beam in Minecraft?

Suppose a player wishes to change the colour of the beam emitted by the beacon. Then, he simply has to place a stained glass on top of the beacon. If he sets one stained glass, the shaft will be the exact colour of the glass. However, if he puts two or more stain glass, the colour of the beam will be a mix of the various mirrors.

Status Effects

There are a total of 6 status effects that a player can choose; 5 of which are primary whereas one is secondary.

The status effects can be activated by clicking on the use button while looking at the beacon. Then, use 1 iron ingot/ gold ingot/ emerald/ diamond/ netherite ingot in the empty slot. Next, click on the primary power section and choose the effect you want. The effects from which you can choose are:

  • Speed.
  • Haste.
  • Resistance (Need 2 levels high of a pyramid).
  • Strength (Require three levels of high pyramid).
  • Jump boost (Need 2 levels of high pyramid).

If the player has made a 4 level high pyramid, a secondary power section will also become active. The secondary power available is Regeneration or increasing the primary capacity to level 2. After this, click done.
To change the status power, the player must repeat the above process.

These powers are applied on a player nearby every 4 seconds and will last up to 9 seconds. It means that if the player moves away from the range of the beacon, his power will last for 9 seconds. However, if there are more pyramid levels, 2 seconds will be added in the duration time of each ability for each increased pyramid level.

Nobody can destroy the Beacons. Nevertheless, if all the pyramid gets any kind of damages to an extent, then the beacon becomes deactivated, all you will have to do is fix the pyramid so that it becomes reactivated. The previous status effect will also automatically come into action.



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