Risk of Rain 2 Items: Know Abilities and How to Use

The Risk of Rain 2 is a thrilling game. To win, you must fight your way through an alien planet which is full of powerful monsters. To do this, you will need the risk of rain two items to make yourself healthy and robust. Risk of rain item is various collectables that risk of rain 2 characters come across in the game. Picking up these risk of rain items will grant special powers. And these powers will vary according to the item.

The wide variety of items in the game might be a little overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to break things down for you. In this risk of rain 2 item guide, you will read about the different type of risk of rain 2 items along with where to find them and how to use them.

Different types of Risk of Rain 2 Items.

Every item that appears has a coloured border. These colours indicate how special the item is. The colours along with their rarity have been listed below:

  • White
    It means that the item is standard.
  • Green
    It means that the item is uncommon.
  • Red
    Means that the item is legendary.
  • Yellow
    The yellow border will indicate a boss item.
  • Blue
    Blue border will indicate a lunar item.
  • Orange
    The orange border will indicate an equipment item.

Players can grab Common, uncommon and legendary items through item chests, terminals and shrines of chance. Victory against a teleporter boss will often provide you with an opportunity to collect uncommon gear. However, three bosses will drop boss items only. Also, use lunar coins to get your hands on the lunar equipment. The players can buy several items from the Bazaar during the valid hours. Furthermore, a few of the things can be open to collecting and buying only when you finish a challenge.

What happens when you have more of the same item?

Since there is no limit to the number of risk of rain 2 items that you can collect, The players are free to collect the same item again and again (only limited to passive items as players cannot collect more of the same active items). Nevertheless, these items do not appear separately. They get stacked. In fact, the powers also get stacked. That means you will now have a higher percentage of effectivity of an effect. Sadly, this quality is available only for passive items as active items cannot be stacked.

Risk of Rain 2 – Passive Items

Common, uncommon, boss and lunar items are passive items. You can collect them as much as you want. The best part is that they all can be used simultaneously as long as they are in the inventory.

The list of Common items

These are probably the first items that any gamer will come across. Their effects will improve by collecting multiples of the same. There are 24 everyday items in the game, have a look at the list below:

  • Soldier’s Syringe- Enhances attack speed by 15%.
  • Rusted Key- A hidden cache containing an item will appear in a random location in each stage. It will increase the rarity of the item per stack.
  • Sticky Bomb- 5% chance of attaching a bomb to an enemy when hit. 
  • Stun Grenade- 5% chance of stunning enemies for 2 seconds when hit.
  • Armour piercing Rounds- Provide 20% more damage to bosses.
  • Backup Magazine- Add +1 charge of your Secondary Skill.
  • Bundle of Fireworks- Activate an interactable and launch eight fireworks which will provide 300% base damage.
  • Bustling Fungus- Stand still for 2 seconds. Then, create a zone which will heal 4.5% of your health every second to all allies within 3m.
  • Cautious Slug- Enhance base health regeneration by 4hp/s while being outside of combat.
  • Crowbar- Give damage of 150% to enemies above 90% health.
  • Monster Tooth- A healing orb will appear once an enemy has been killed. It will heal for eight-plus with an additional 2% of maximum health.
  • Tougher Times- 15% chance of blocking incoming damage.
  • Energy Drink- Improves sprint speed by 30%.
  • Focus Crystal- Increase the damage by 15% given to enemies within 13m.
  • Gasoline- Killing an enemy will put all enemies within 12m on fire. Those enemies will burn for 150% base damage.
  • Fresh Meat- Increases base health
  • regeneration by +2 hp/s for 3s after killing an enemy.
  • Repulsion Armor Plate- All incoming damage will be reduced by 5.
  • Paul’s Goat Hoof- Increases 14% of movement speed.
  • Tri-tip Dagger- 15% chance of bleeding an enemy for 240% base damage.
  • Topaz Brooch- Get a short term barrier to kill for 15 health.
  • Warbanner- On every level up a banner will be dropped which will strengthen all allies present within 16m. Attack and movement speed will also be raised by 30%.
  • Personal Shield Generator- Get a shield which is equal to 8% of your maximum health. It will recharge when it is outside of danger.
  • Medkit- Heal for ten health after 1.1 seconds of getting hurt.
  • Lens Maker’s Glasses- Attacks will have a 10% chance of  ‘Critically Strike’, dealing double damage.

Risk of Rain 2 Uncommon Items

These are much stronger and rare as compared to the common items. There are 23 uncommon items in the game currently.

  • Fuel Cell- Reduces equipment cooldown by 15%. In addition to this, Hold an additional equipment charge.
  • Hopoo Feather- Gain a maximum jump count of 1.
  • Kjaro’s band– 8% chance to strike an enemy with a runic flame tornado on hit, dealing 500% damage in total.
  • Lepton Daisy- During the Teleporter event, release a healing nova to heal all nearby allies for 50% of their maximum health.
  • Razorwire- Whenever you get any damage, you will explode in a burst of razors, dealing 160% damage to 5 targets in a surrounding area of 5m.
  • Rose Buckler- While sprinting, increase armour by 30.
  • Ukulele- 25% chance to fire chain lighting for 80% damage on up to 3 targets present in a range of 20m.
  • Will-o’-the-wisp- Kill an enemy and then spawn a lava pillar in a range of 12m  for 350% base damage.
  • Horn- Get a chance to speed up attack speed by 70% for 8s by activating equipment.
  • Red Whip- Increase your movement speed by 30% when leaving combat.
  • Runald’s Band- On a hit, 8% chance to strike an enemy with a runic ice blast, slowing them by 80% and dealing 250% damage in total.
  • Wax Quail- Jumping and sprinting will boost you forward by 10m.
  • AtG Missile Mk. 1- 10% possibility of firing a missile that would deal damage of 300% in total.
  • Chronobauble- When hit, slow enemies for -60% movement speed for 2s.
  • Ghor’s Tome- On kill, 4% likelihood to drop a treasure worth $25. It will scale with time.
  • Harvester’s Scythe- Gain a 5% critical chance. Critical strikes heal for eight health.
  • Infusion- Every time an enemy is killed, your health will increase by one forever. It will continue till 100 health is reached.
  • Leeching Seed- Heal yourself for one health by dealing with damage.
  • Predatory Instincts- Gain 5% critical chance. Moreover, critical strikes increase attack speed by 12%—maximum cap of 36% attack speed.
  • Old Guillotine- This will instantly kill elite monsters which will have health below 20%.
  • Bandolier- 18% possibility on kill to drop an ammo pack that resets all skill cooldowns.
  • Old War Stealthkit- Chance on taking damage to gain 40% movement speed and invisibility for 3s. The chance increases the more damage you take.
  • Berzerker’s Pauldron- Improve movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 100% after going in a frenzy. Players will go in a frenzy for a total of 6 seconds after killing three enemies in a second.

Risk of Rain 2 Boss items list

These are unusual items obtained when a teleporter boss is defeated. All boss items can be achieved in this way except for two. The players can get those two items by trading lunar items in the Cleansing Pools. In total, there are a total of 7 boss items.

  • Titanic Knurl- Bring maximum health up by 40 and health regeneration up by 1.6 health per second.
  • Pearl- Maximum health is increased by 10%.
  • Irradiant Pearl- All stats will enhance by 10%.
  • Genesis Loop- If your health falls below 25%, you will explode, dealing 6000% base damage. Recharges every 30 seconds.
  • Queen’s Gland– Call a Beetle Guard every 30 seconds with a  bonus 300% damage and 100% health. There can be only one guard at a time.
  • Halcyon Seed– Call the boss Aurelionite during the teleporter event. It has 100% damage and 100%  health.
  • Little Disciple- Fire a tracking wisp for 100% damage. Shoot every 0.5 seconds while sprinting.

Legendary Items

These are the rarest items of Risk of Rain 2. Following are the 19 legendary items in the game:

  • Frost Relic- Surround yourself with an ice storm after killing an enemy, dealing 600% damage per second, with a radius of 1m per kill, up to 6m.
  • Interstellar Desk Plant- On kill, plant a healing fruit seed that will eventually grow into a plant within 5 seconds. The plant heals for 10% of maximum health every second to all allies within 5 metres.
  • Resonance Disc- The disc flies towards a target for 300% base damage, piercing all enemies it doesn’t kill, and then explodes for 1000% base damage. It then returns to the user, striking all enemies along the way for 300% base damage. Charge the resonance disc by killing enemies.
  • Hardlight Afterburner- Add +2 charges of your utility skill. It will also reduce utility skill cooldown by 33%.
  • Ceremonial Dagger- Fire out 3 homing daggers that shall deal 150% base damage after killing an enemy.
  • Brainstalks- After defeating an elite monster, enter a frenzy for 4s in which skills shall have no cooldowns.
  • 57 Leaf Clover- Roll all random effects for +1 times to get a favourable outcome.
  • Brilliant Behemoth- All your attacks explode in a 4m radius for a bonus 60% total damage to nearby enemies.
  • Happiest Mask- Killing enemies has a 7% probability to spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 1500% damage for the 30s.
  • N’kuhana’s Opinion- Store 100% of healing as soul energy. Once your Soul Energy reaches 10% of your maximum health, a skull is fired that deals 250% of your soul energy as damage.
  • Rejuvenation Rack- Heal +100% more.
  • Wake of Vultures- For 8 seconds, get the power of an elite monster that is killed.
  • Shattering Justice- Reduce an enemy’s armour by 60 for 8 seconds after hitting him.
  • Dio’s Best Friend- Come back to life with this item with 3 seconds of immunity.
  • Aegis- Healing past full grants you a temporary barrier for 50% of the amount you healed.
  • H3AD-5T v2- Enhances the height of your jump. In addition to this, it creates a 10m radius kinetic explosion on hitting the ground, dealing 2300% base damage that scales up with speed. Recharges in 10 seconds.
  • Soulbound Catalyst- Kills or reduces equipment cooldown by 4 seconds.
  • Alien Head- Skill cooldowns are reduced by 25%.
  • Unstable Tesla Coil- It switches off every 10 seconds. Its power is to fire out lightning that hits 3 enemies for 200% base damage every 0.5 seconds.

Lunar items

There is a total of 8 of these powerful items which have been listed below:

  • The gesture of the Drowned- Equipment cooldown reduced by 50%. It also forces your gear to activate whenever it is off cool down.
  • Visions of Heresy- Shoots a flurry of tracking shards that detonate after a delay, dealing 120% base damage. Also, it holds up to 12 charges that will reload after 2 seconds.
  • Strides of Heresy- Fadeaway, becoming intangible and gain +30% movement speed. Heals 25% of maximum health. It lasts overall for 3 seconds.
  • Beads of Fealty- Does nothing.
  • Corpsebloom- Heal +100% more over a span of some time. It has the ability to heal 10% of your health per second.
  • Transcendence- Gain 50% maximum health by converting all but 1 health into regenerating shields. 
  • Shaped Glass- Increase the base damage by 100% while reducing maximum health by a total of 50%.
  • Brittle Crown- Get a 30% chance to gain 2 gold on hit. This shall scale with time. But, also lose gold on taking damage equal to 100% of the maximum health percentage you lost.

Active items

These items must be used by the player to be beneficial. Once you use an active thing, you will need to wait for a bit (cool-down period) before you can use another item from this category. Additionally, at any given time, you can only hold one active thing. If you try to keep another object, it will replace the item you were previously having.
There are a total of 16 active items in the game, and they are all equipment.

Risk of Rain 2 Equipment List

Following are the various equipment:

  • Foreign Fruit- Immediately heal 50% of your maximum health.
  • Ocular HUD- For 8 seconds, get +100% critical strike chance.
  • Primordial Cube- Will shoot a black hole that will attract all the enemies (within the range of 30 metres) towards its centre.
  • Volcanic Egg- Changes into a draconic fireball for a total of 5 seconds and deals 500% damage on impact. Finally, detonates at the end for 800% damage.
  • Royal Capacitor- Call down a lightning strike on a targeted monster and give it 3000% damage. Also, stuns nearby monsters.
  • Jade Elephant- For 5 seconds, get 500 armor.
  • Eccentric Vase- Makes a quantum tunnel of up to 1000m in length which lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The Crowdfunder- Fires a continuous barrage that deals 100% damage per bullet. Costs $1 per bullet which increases over time.
  • Blast shower- Clear all negative effects which include debuffs, damage over time, and projectiles.
  • Fuel Array- It powers something extremely unstable.
  • Milky Chrysalis- Sprout wings and fly for a sum of 15 seconds. Gain +20% movement speed for the duration.
  • The Back-up- Call four strike drones to fight for you which lasts for 25 seconds.
  • Preon Accumulator- Fires preon tendrils, zapping enemies within 35m for up to 600% damage/second. On contact, detonate in an enormous 20m explosion for 4000% damage.
  • Disposable Missile Launcher- Fire 12 missiles that deal 12×300% damage.
  • Gnarled Woodsprite- Gain a Woodsprite follower that heals for 1.5% of your maximum health per second. It can be sent to an ally to heal them for 10% of their maximum health.
  • Radar Scanner- Shows all intractable within a range of 500m for 10 seconds.

Lunar Equipment List

The condition to getting this gear is the same as that of passive lunar items i.e. you can get them in exchange of lunar coins. Following are the 4 lunar equipment:

  • Hellfire Tincture- Put all characters, whether allies or enemies on fire within 8 metres. The intensity of burn is 0.5 times stronger on partners and 24 times more potent on opponents. Deal 5% of your maximum health per second as burning to yourself. 
  • Effigy of Grief-  Every character’s movement is slowed by 50%, and armour is decreased by 20%.
  • Spinel Tonic- Gain a boost for 20 seconds after drinking the tonic. It will increase damage by +100%, increase attack speed by +70%, increasing armour by +20, increase maximum health by +50%, increase passive health regeneration by +300% and increase movement speed by +30%.
    When the Tonic wears off, you have a 20% chance to gain a Tonic Affliction, reducing all of your stats by -5%.
  • Glowing Meteorite- Rain meteors from the sky, damaging all characters for 600% damage per blast and lasts 20 seconds.

Elite Equipment List

This gear gives gamers the powers of elite enemies. Although this item takes place in the active slot, it is very similar to passive items. It is because just like passive items, their effects are present as long as they are in the inventory. But, like active items, this item cannot be stacked, which means the player can have only one thing and not many of the same type in his inventory.

Following are the 5 elite equipment of the game:

  • Ifrit’s Distinction- Become an aspect of fire.
  • Spectral Circlet- Become an aspect of incorporeality.
  • Her Biting Embrace- Become an aspect of ice.
  • Silence Between Two Strikes- Become an aspect of lightning.
  • N’kuhana’s Retort- Become an aspect of corruption.

Always be careful while taking an item because you cannot drop it later on. Which of these items would you never want in your inventory? Let us know in the comments below!



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