Risk Of Rain 2 Characters: The Best Characters Across Every Tier

Risk of Rain 2, the third person video game which features a horde of items and a vast number of enemies. However, to survive in this game, there are just ten playable characters available for players. But, in initial levels, you get Commando unlocked by default. And to open more Risk Of Rain 2 Characters, you’ll need to complete the challenges.

You can unlock the Risk Of Rain 2 Characters in any order. And after getting them unlocked, you can select characters in any combination. Although, there are just a few characters who have the best skills, builds, strengths and weaknesses in comparison to others. So, before selecting a name, you should be extra careful.

Among those ten characters, none of them is terrible. But there are several characters which take random items that players find further in comparison to others. Here we have shortlisted the main playable characters of the game based on their strength, base form and strength. And after going through this article, we are sure you’ll get a blueprint of the game’s gameplay loop. So, let’s give them a whirl.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters Learn Key Info!


Risk Of Rain 2 Characters

In the list of tier S characters, MUL-T, the robotic character is the strongest because of its insane abilities, such as speed and high proc-coefficient. If you are running and gunning, then MUL-T is the best character to choose.

Abilities of MUL-T are as Follows

This robotic character of Risk of Rain 2 can find and collect special abilities orange canisters. With the help of this unique ability, you can carry two guns, later which can be swapped with others by using its “Retool” ability.

Its primary shots are “Auto-Nailgun” and “Rebar Puncher”. In the Auto Nailgun mode, you can shot six nails initially. But after a tiny warm-up period, you can rapidly shoot nails to deal 60% damage. As the name suggests Rebar Puncher, in this mode you can fire a charged shot to deal colossal damage that pierces enemies.

In his secondary fire, he has “Blast Canister”. With this ability, you can make some extra 44% damage to the enemies by shooting a canister, that arcs through the air until the canister hit the ground or an enemy. After getting a hit, it explodes into five bombs to deal additional damage.

In the transport mode, if an enemy hit the MUL-T, then it will get a 250% damage because of its increased speed and armour. So, try to accelerate as fast as you can, because the quicker you run, the more damage this deals.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters: Engineer

This character is best suitable for all those players who love to play games with best mind placement and tactics. But if you like to blow stuff up a lot, then don’t think twice before selecting it.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters

Specialities of Risk of Rain 2 Characters: The Engineer

Bubble Shield:- It is a layer of protection that remains around the engineer in the shape of a dome. If the Bubble Shield is activated, then it will keep blocking all the incoming damage, such as projectiles. It is one of his best ability, but unfortunately, this protection doesn’t long last.

TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret:- He is an Engineer, so why won’t his weapons work smartly? In the game, engineer equips two turrets at the same time. These turrets will automatically fire at the enemies when they come into its range.

Bouncing Grenades:- Apart from the auto-turrets, he has another unique ability, which is Bouncing Grenades. After activating it, the engineer will fire a cluster of grenades, that bounce for a short period before exploding. After throwing the grenades, if you keep holding the down button, then it will charge up the to throw more grenades.

Pressure Mines:- This is the deadliest weapon in the engineer’s inventory. You can place ten mines in a row. Bear the fact in your mind that placing the second mine will destroy the first one, instantly after putting it on the ground.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters: The Huntress

It is the best A tier character of the game and possibly the MOST damaging character. In the game, it is famous for excelling in dealing with severe damage to the enemies. Most of the players consider it as an underrated character because it allows players to focus on the position instead of battle. Although experts suggest that, if you have enough useful items in the game, then you’ll run smoothly.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters

Abilities of Huntress

Strafe:- If you are playing the game as Huntress, then this is the ability which you are going to use most of the time. This ability is just a simple attack that tracks enemies from a safer distance and deals impressive damage. The best thing about this ability is that it also can be used while sprinting.

Arrow Rain:- This ability is similar to the Strafe, but in it, the huntress teleports high into the air to allow you to control a dome. After getting control over the crown, you will become able to call down a rain of arrows with just a single click. Before the rain, it slows down all the enemies, and it lasts only for a few seconds, but it is perfect for dealing with massive damage per second.

Laser Glaive:- To track and kill enemies by chasing their footprints, the Huntress throws a glaive. This ability works perfectly for crowds because the more enemies bounce between it, the more damage it will create.

Blink:- After activating this ability, you can make the huntress invisible to let her shoot arrows from a specific distance before she reappears. To move quickly in the battlefield or even up in the air, then don’t forget to turn on her this ability.


In this whole list of Risk Of Rain 2 Characters, Mercenary is the unique character among them all. It has a fantastic ability to dodge the damage of opponents. But this character has a massive drawback as it lacks in killing an enemy from a long-range. However, you can still choose it for multiplayer battles.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters: The Best Characters Across Every Tier

The abilities of Mercenary are as follows:

Cybernetic Enhancements:- With this ability, the mercenary can jump twice.

Laser Sword:- Mercenary has three attacking strategies. In his first two attacks, he deals with a decent amount of damage whilst the third one deals much more.

Eviscerate:- During Mercenary become invisible by dashing forward a short distance to kill the enemies with his sword.

Whirlwind:- After activating this ability, the mercenary will take one step forward to slash his sword in a circular motion his body twice. With this ability, you can target multiple enemies. If you use this ability while jumping, then you can slice up enemies vertically.

Blinding Assault:- This ability allow you to dash up to three times.


Artificer is the D tier character, but it performs very well in the multiplayer games. But in solos, you will regret choosing it. Because the Artificer doesn’t come up with an active shield and you will need to make more efforts to keep it alive.

Risk Of Rain 2 Characters: The Best Characters Across Every Tier

The Abilities of Artificer are:

Flame Bolt:- With this ability, you can fire four fireballs without recharging your gun.

Charged Nano-Bomb:- This ability allow the players to charge bombs to make it capable of stunning and damaging enemies at significant damage. The bombs can be used commonly, but a charged bomb deals with more injury.

Snap freeze:- This is the best ability of Artificer. With this ability, you can summon up a wall of ice to freeze enemies at their place and leave them open for attacks wherever and whenever you aim. But remember the fact that enemies will always try to dodge the wall by trying to move around it.

Flamethrower:- From a safe distance, the Artificer can send the stream of fire towards the enemies for a short time period.

We aren’t mentioning the abilities of commando, because it is the first character which you get in the game and the tutorials of the game tell you everything about it.

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