Serena McKay Video and The Incident Video Leaked on Social Media

Serena McKay, a 19-year-old girl from Manitoba, is making the rounds on the internet for enduring a brutal beating in a horrific incident. Serena McKay’s video was streamed live on Facebook, leaving many stunned and dejected. Not only Serena McKay’s video but her tragic death has become a hot topic online.

Additionally, the Serena McKay video controversy sparked many questions that required immediate and intensive investigation. People outrageously raised questions about the indoor environment of homes and institutions. In this article, we aim to provide complete insights into the Serena McKay video incident, trace the culprits, and highlight the aftermath of this disturbing incident.

Serena McKay Video: An Overview of the Incident

Serena McKay, a native of Manitoba, Canada, who loved to be called “Serenity” McKay, lost her life on April 22 or 23, 2017. Serena McKay’s murder video was recorded and uploaded on social media. Cops found her dead on April 23, 2017, in Sagkeeng First Nation, northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Furthermore, CBC News stated that the culprits posted two videos of her that circulated on social media for four hours straight. Later, Facebook officials came into action and removed the Serena McKay video from their site. Tragically, the girl who pleaded guilty to the brutal massacre of McKay was her former schoolmate and was aged between 16 and 17 at the time of detention.

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Details of Serena McKay’s Video and Murder

The exact location of Mckay’s death was unknown; however, investigations suggested that her homicide occurred on the Sagkeeng First Nation, 100 Kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba. McKay’s last appearance was marked on April 22, 2017, before going missing and reporting to the RCMP detachment in the adjoining town of Powerview at 6 p.m. Later, after the two-hour search operation, a corpse was found and confirmed to be Serena McKay’s at around 8 p.m. in Sagkeeng.

Furthermore, a mobile device was used to film Serena McKay’s video to be later posted on social media. Serena McKay’s video—a short and extended version of the graphic material made the rounds on Facebook. Disturbingly, Serena McKay’s video manifested her lying on the ground, deprived of consciousness and completely drenched in blood due to bearing repeated punches and thwacks in the head. A more extended version of Serena McKay’s video puts her in view while receiving a heavy boot’s stomp to exacerbate her facial fractures and increase blood loss. In addition, the sound of bones cracking during the savagery was audible enough to shake the beholders to the core.

Additionally, Serena McKay’s video recorded the voices of two girls and a boy. Still, it was difficult to speculate about the number of people involved in her murder based on the video. Serena McKay can be heard in the video crying, “I am sorry.” Although the Serena McKay video did not elaborate on the context of her being apologetic and attacked, a culprit was perceptible, as she was screaming while communicating to Serena, “If you send anyone after me, I will kill you. I will fucking kill you myself.”

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Serena McKay Video and The Incident Video Leaked on Social Media
Serena McKay’s Video and The Incident Video Leaked on Social Media

The Sombre Evening of Serena McKay’s Demise

After the ferocious killing of Serenity, the juvenile suspected criminal shared a picture of himself smiling and wet in blood with the caption “just chilling” on Snapchat later in the evening. Moreover, one of the alleged suspects broke McKay’s nose, left the zone in due course, and was still “OK,” as the supposed instant-message exchange uncovered the details. The alleged criminal was a resident of Sagkeeng and revealed that the victim’s nose was excessively bleeding.

Serena McKay Cause of Death

According to a pathologist’s report, which he provided at the trial of the two suspected slaughterers, Serena McKay’s cause of death was likely hypothermia. The unfortunate girl had no option but to succumb to her terminal injuries, as it was impossible to bear the cold and seek protection from the harsh weather owing to her fatal wounds. She endured the excruciating pain of 67 injuries during her untimely yet gruesome departure from life. Also, a tremendous amount of alcohol in her body aggravated the situation by putting her fate in the hands of her murderers.

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Serena McKay’s video raises questions about the vigilant monitoring of content. Many exceed social networking sites’ legal and ethical boundaries, and the Serena McKay video is a glaring example of such incidents. Retaining sanity is a real challenge in the age of digital media when good and evil are just a few clicks away. Additionally, it is vital to initiate strict legal actions against those who break the guidelines of online communities to disseminate violent and explicit content.

Furthermore, it is high time for social media companies to take a step forward and recognize their roles in combating the spread of terrorizing content, such as Serena McKay’s video. Also, some imply that these networking sites must invest in advancing technologies and use artificial intelligence to detect and delete harmful information. Also, improving the reporting mechanism and ensuring a proactive crackdown against the violators are much-needed demands to create a healthy environment.

Consequences of Cyberbullying

Among many issues, cyberbullying is a crucial yet ignored topic. Cyberbullying opens the gate to a lot of suffering that becomes a solid reason for suicide, and countless cases of online bullying are being reported that ultimately cause physical, emotional, and mental destruction. That is not it; this prevalent issue should be addressed on a larger scale to take adequate measures, such as educational institutes should start enlightening students about the consequences cyberbullying can have on someone’s life. Also, the government should feel responsible for taking swift action and arranging seminars to highlight the importance of empathy in person and online.

Lastly, the Serena McKay video is not new; many cases of butchery keep on reporting, but growing inconsiderate towards other fellow humans is alarming as a society. Not only did the young, lively girl with dreams go through a lot that our brains are incapable of embodying, but the Serena McKay video haunted her lamenting family, aggravating the lifelong agony and wretchedness. We extend our deepest regards to the sorrowful family of Serenity and hope she must have been bestowed with joy in heaven.


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