Sea of Stars- When will it be released

Sea of Stars is 2022’s most awaited turn based RPG game that has millions of people eagerly waiting for its release! The game is being developed by Sabotage Studio, the same company that developed and produced the award winning indie game The Messenger. Thus, we have extremely high expectations from the game and fortunately, the newly released trailer proves that Sea of Stars might just exceed all the high standards we’ve already set for it. So when is this thrilling new game coming out? Does it have an official release date? What platforms will it launch on? Keep on reading to find out the latest details about Sea of Stars. 

Sea Of Stars- When is it debuting? 

Sea Of Stars- When is it debuting? 
Sea Of Stars- When is it debuting?

In December 2021, Nintendo surprised us with an announcement trailer for Sea of Stars at its Indie World Presentation. According to it, the game will come out in “Holiday 2022”. This means that we have to wait until November or December to finally get our hands on this spectacular new retro inspired game. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date. In fact, even the “Holiday 2022” release may be postponed.

The developers hinted at a possible delay in a recent interview. They said, 

“The studio is adamant that if more time is needed to publish a polished, high-quality product that timeframe may shift, citing quality as the highest priority for the coming title.” 

However, let’s not lose hope as there’s still a high chance of Sea of Stars coming out in late 2022. 

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Sea of Stars Gameplay- All the juicy exclusive details

Featuring adventure, friendships, intense combat and unexpected twists, Sea of Stars has an immersive gameplay that will leave players wanting more and more! It actually takes place in the same world as The Messenger. Both games are part of a broader world that the studio’s president Thierry Boulanger has envisioned since childhood! They both have different genres but they’re still interlinked and connected. The extent of the connection will only become apparent once we start playing Sea of Stars. 

The gameplay follows the story of two Solstice children named Valere and Zale as they embark on their journey to become Solstice Warriors. They must take down an evil alchemist named The Fleshmancer and stop him from destroying their world. 

Valera and Zale must work together and combine their sun and moon powers. This allows them to perform mesmerizing Eclipse magic which leaves all their enemies stunned. 

There are 6 playable characters in the game. One of them is Valere, the Moongirl, and another is Zale, the Sunboy. The third character is Garl, the Warrior Cook. We don’t know the other three playable characters as of yet. 

The gameplay is extremely dynamic. Players can control the sun and moon which makes it possible to control the weather, time and ambiance in the game. They can also perform several activities like sailing, swimming, fishing, listening to songs at taverns, cooking or playing games. All of the activities are inspired from retro classics with an added unique touch of modernization. 

The combat is extremely engaging. With the touch of a button, players can increase outgoing damage and decrease incoming damage. They can also perform multi character combo attacks to yield maximum damage. 

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Sea of Stars- Where can I play it? 

As of now, the producers have confirmed that Sea of Stars will arrive on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. They have also hinted that it’s possible for the game to arrive on other platforms in the near future. Thus, Xbox and PlayStation gamers shouldn’t get upset as Sea of Stars may arrive on both these platforms as well. 

The official website for Sea of Stars has announced that more platform releases will be confirmed in Spring of 2022. 

Sea of Stars Minimum System Requirements 

The Minimum System Requirements for the game includes, 

  • Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU
  • Windows 7 and above OS
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M Graphics Card
  • 8 GB RAM 

Sea of Stars Official Trailer 

The official trailer came out in December 2021. It features glimpses of the game’s combat, some beautiful sceneries and the official soundtrack. 

Additionally, Sabotage Studios has released several other trailers. One of them focuses on cinematics, another one on game locations like Moorlands, Mooncradle and Mushroom cave and another focusing on the game’s music and lighting cycle. 

All the trailers are available for streaming on YouTube.

Check out the official trailer below:


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