Resident Alien Has Been Renewed For A Third Season By Syfy?

From crash-landing on planet Earth with an intent to destroy the human race to observing the earthlings in their natural environment and getting used to their peculiar ways. The titular alien with an unpronounceable birth name will be back in Resident Alien Season 3 to continue his journey on Earth as Syfy has renewed the show for another season!

Yes, you read that quite right, folks! The fan-favorite alien is set to stay on Earth for longer to bring fresh humor to our screens with his crazy shenanigans and his struggle with the moral dilemma of his looming mission.

Based on the Dark Horse comics series of the same name, the record-breaking success of the science fiction mystery comedy-drama television series ultimately prompted Syfy to give Resident Alien an early renewal for its third season.

So, are you ready to see Alan Tudyk’s Harry Vanderspeigle in action once more? Well, fear not! Here is all you need to know about the Resident Alien Season 3.

Is Resident Alien Season 3 Renewed by Syfy?

Yes, on the 21st of July, Resident Alien was renewed for its third season by Syfy, and that too, before the release of the second half of its season two.

Seeing that there are still many mysteries that our protagonist has yet to uncover, the arrival of Resident Alien Season 3 is a must.

Is Resident Alien Season 3 Renewed by Syfy?
Is Resident Alien Season 3 Renewed by Syfy?

As “the extra time will prove [nothing but] helpful” to wrap up the following stories in the upcoming season:

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  • Government conspiracies
  • An alien baby who is on the loose in town
  • An ongoing culture war with the neighboring town

So, get yourself up and ready for the rollercoaster ride that the next season is going to be!

Resident Alien Season 3 Episodes:

As per the renewal announcement, the third season will comprise a total of twelve episodes. Though, this time around, it will not be split into two parts like the last season of Resident Alien:

“We are still working out the details for season 3, but we do know it will be 12 episodes which I’m hoping will air in one group.”

Is the Release Date of Resident Alien Season 3 Announced?

No. The release date for the third season of Resident Alien has not been announced yet by the concerned authorities as it is still in the works.

Is the Release Date of Resident Alien Season 3 Announced?
Is the Release Date of Resident Alien Season 3 Announced?

But it is safe to say that the new season will premiere somewhere around mid- or late 2023.

Has the Filming for Season Three Begun?

Currently, the creator of the show “Chris Sheridan” is working on the plot and the script for the forthcoming season of Resident Alien.

He did share that he is hopeful that the production for the third season will most likely be underway in early 2023.

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So, we will have to wait and see what will happen next. Let’s hope we will soon have the new season on our plates, and I already have my fingers crossed!

Where is Resident Alien Filmed?

Usually, Resident Alien filming takes place in Vancouver, Canada, and the surrounding areas.

What can we expect from Resident Alien Season 3?

With fans knowing that they will soon be having the third season of the enticing yet thrilling show, they are desperate to know what is in stock for them!

What can we expect from Resident Alien Season 3?
What can we expect from Resident Alien Season 3?

Thus, to tame their hunger for more, the creative mind behind the television adaption of Resident Alien, “Chris Sheridon,” teased that:

“I will say that with so many of our characters involved in the alien story, you can expect to see a little more alien content this coming season. We will never go away from the town stories, but the otherworldly threat has been ratcheted up for all our characters.”

Even though he did not reveal much, we can say that we will have more Alien drama in the forthcoming season.

So, folks, stay tuned for Resident Alien Season 3!

How many Seasons of Resident Alien are there?

Resident Alien’s first and second seasons are already out and available on its original streaming platform, Syfy.

While on the other hand, the fans will also be getting their hands on the third season of Resident Alien once it makes its debut.

How to Watch Resident Alien?

Full episodes of both Resident Aliens seasons can be watched on or the SYFYOne app.

Viewers who have access to Peacock can also enjoy the first and second seasons on the said streaming platform.

Other than that, episodes or season subscriptions for the popular show can also be purchased on streaming platforms like:

  • iTunes, and
  • Amazon etc.

What is the show “Resident Alien” about?

As per its official premise, the story of the said show revolves around an alien who was “sent to wipe out humanity” after crash-landing on Earth.

Thus, for the said purpose, the titular character then goes on to kill and “takes on the identity of a vacationing pathology physician,” Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, in a small town in Colorado.

But things take a different turn as he fails to do his mission and has to “confront the consequences of having failed his people’s mission to destroy the human race.” 

He has begun to take a liking to humans and has involuntarily developed human emotions during his time on this planet.

Though he tries to blend in with society, his lack of understanding of social cues, awkward speech, and behavior leads him to make a spectacle out of himself.

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One way or another, he has to deal with all of that to make his mission successful and try to solve other mysteries surrounding him in a comedic fashion while maintaining his identity as a human doctor.

Wrap Up:

Resident Alien has been ranked as the fifteenth most-watched cable series and one of the top five most-watched cable dramas in 2022.

 It received a 94% approval rating from critics and averaged 2.3 million viewers on L+7.

Making it a must-watch series that promises a package of suspense, thrill, fun, and laughter.


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