Can You Play MLB The Show 23 Early?

Are you ready to Play MLB The Show 23 Early? If yes, and you are wondering how to Play MLB The Show 23 Early, then you have hit the right post. Firstly, we all know that 2023 MLB Opening Day is just around the corner, with the first pitch on March 30. So, you can start counting the days! 

Although, avid basketball fans want to try MLB The Show 23 before the new season premiere. MLB The Show 23 is scheduled for a March 28 release. But, if this is a long wait, you can play MLB The Show 23 early. Keep reading to know how. 

Can You Play MLB The Show 23 Early?

The answer is yes. You can Play MLB The Show 23 Early. The game will officially launch on March 28, as stated. However, if you have purchased their Digital Deluxe Edition or the Captain Edition, you can Play MLB The Show 23 early. Please note that these editions are only available on current-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X. So the question is, how early? Well, the exact date is March 24. In other words, if you can access Digital Deluxe Edition or the Captain Edition, you can play the game four days before the actual competition.

Can You Play MLB The Show 23 Early
Can You Play MLB The Show 23 Early

Also, Microsoft is providing its users with an Early Access Bundle. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have exclusive access to this bundle. You can go for this if you want to play MLB The Show 23 Early on March 24. In addition to early access, the bundle will also feature much digital content such as:

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  • Ballplayer Packs 
  • The Show Packs 
  • 10k Stubs 
  • Double Daily Rewards 

If you find this bundle exciting, you can sign up for it. 

MLB The Show 23: Platforms 

The game will be available on the following platforms on March 28:

  • Xbox 
  • PlayStation 
  • Switch 

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All the previous edition’s features and new features will support the game. The new additions of MLB The Show 23 include the following:

  • A reworked battling system 
  • Reworked defense mechanics that have Break Outlier and Pick Off Artist
  • 5,000+ new animations 

In addition, it will also give the players access to Negro Leagues and a new storyline mode. In addition, in the latest version, the players can control the entire organization and further sign free agents while promoting prospects and making trades. 

We believe that Road to the Show will again be the most popular mode in the game. The gamers love to make progress over the minors to level up their players!

The Release Time 

Even though we know that MLB The Show 23 will be out on March 28, Sony San Diego, the team behind the game, has yet to give the exact release time. Gamers can expect a different release time of the game for different platforms. It is because the release time may depend upon the storefront. However, most of the game has release time between 12:00 am to 9 am on the release date. We will update you with the exact release time once Sony San Diego announces it. So, remember to keep checking this post!

MLB The Show 23: Price 

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Currently, the retail price for the game is $70 for the latest generation consoles. It will cost $60 for the last-gen consoles. The game will feature the following two editions:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition 
  • The Captain Edition 

Both editions are priced at $100 each. In addition, it will allow gamers to Play MLB The Show 23 Early. 


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Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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