Naomi Judd Net Worth: Naomi Leaves $25 Million For Her Husband

Naomi Judd, who suffered from a mental illness, committed suicide on April 30, 2022. Naomi has left all her wealth to her husband, Larry Strickland. Her daughters are excluded from her will. Now people are curious to know Naomi Judd net worth and what is written in her will.

Naomi Judd Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Naomi Judd net worth was estimated to be around $25 million. This is proof of her successful career as a songwriter, actress, producer, singer, and author. 

Her career took off when the duo, The Judds, signed with RCA Nashville in 1983. They released six studio albums before disbanding in 1991. Wynonna Judd had to stop performing because she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The Judds reunited briefly in 1999 for a New Year’s Eve concert and their Power to Change tour in 2000.

Naomi Judd Net Worth Naomi Leaves $25 Million For Her Husband
Naomi Judd Net Worth Naomi Leaves $25 Million For Her Husband

Naomi also won the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement in 1993 and appeared in the 1999 Christmas romantic movie Holiday Romance. She wrote some self-help books, including Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully: Facts and Myths. She was also a judge on the television show called Star Search. This helped increase Naomi Judd net worth greatly.

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In 2005, Naomi began hosting her morning talk show on Hallmark Channel, Naomi’s New Morning. She was also a judge and mentor on the reality-competition series, Can You Duet in 2008. She appeared in two more movies, The Killing Game and An Evergreen Christmas.

Naomi participated in the first season of the reality cooking show, My Kitchen Rules in 2017 and received a tribute in Brazil in 2021 for her outstanding career.

Just one day after Naomi’s death, on May 1, her daughters were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, where they gave a speech that melted hearts. They told the audience that their mother loved her fans and that their loved kept her going for so many years.

Naomi Judd Will

According to Naomi’s will that she wrote in 2017, her husband of 32 years, Larry Strickland, is named the sole executor of her estate and, thus, Naomi Judd net worth. The will reads that he has “full authority and discretion to do what he sees fit with properties within the estate, including selling or leasing them, without the approval of any court or the joinder of any beneficiary.” The will also allows Strickland “reasonable compensation for his services and any expenses, including attorney and accountant’s fees.” 

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Moreover, according to the will, if Strickland fails to be the executor, Naomi’s brother-in-law, Reginald Strickland, and Daniel Kris Wiatr will be appointed co-executors. 

The first witness who signed the document included a senior account manager of Tennessee law firm Wiatr & Associates, Melissa Sitzler, and the second witness was Abigail Muelder. They both confirmed that Naomi was in her complete senses and was not incompetent when she signed the will.

When Naomi’s will was shared, it shocked Wynonna and Ashley Judd. Furthermore, Wynonna Judd has objections to Naomi’s will because she was the other half of their band that helped them earn fame and money. It is speculated that since Larry Strickland doesn’t have any children of his own, he might leave all of it to his stepdaughters.

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One of their family friends had told the media that Naomi trusted her husband so much and that, according to her, could be why she had left her money in her husband’s name. None of her family members had given any statement regarding this.


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