John Brockington, Rushing Star for Green Bay, Dies of Unknown Cause at 74

A poignant sense of loss has hit every sports enthusiast as one of the most renowned American football players and the legend of the Green Bay Packers, John Stanley Brockington, died on March 31, 2023, at 74. Other than being a football legend, he was an advocate of organ donation. After receiving a kidney from a good friend, who later became his wife, John Brockington was seen supporting the great cause for people in need. He took a step forward by creating a foundation in San Diego to assist and encourage organ donation. Now, the demise of the incandescent soul has cast a sombre shadow that will take time to be mitigated.

What Is John Brockington Cause of Death?

Unfortunately, John Brockington cause of death is unknown to the world. The mourning family has not yet revealed the reason behind his passing. It is better to refrain from speculations regarding his death cause until the late football player’s family makes an official announcement.

John Brockington Cause of Death Everything We Know
John Brockington Cause of Death Everything We Know

Who Is Paying Tribute to John Brockington?

People from all around the globe are sharing their emotions on social networking applications. All social media platforms are swamped with his fans, friends and family’s heartfelt condolences. Everyone is standing with his family during the most difficult time of their lives.

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Bill Johnson tweeted that the news about John Brockington’s passing away was tough for him and Packer fans of his age. He was the first great Packer that he remembered watching in those pretty lean years. John had some exciting runs and really took a pounding.

Furthermore, a renowned American sports commentator, Wayne Larrivee, shared his thoughts, remembering John as a better man and an outclass footballer. On the other hand, Lombardi’s Legends Podcast proclaimed that it would be an understatement to say John would be missed.

Additionally, Ian, one of the most famous sports card collectors, was saddened to learn about the Packers, and Buckeyes legend, John Brockington’s death. Ian said that John answered his questions and put his signature on cards back in 2020. The card collector will remain indebted to John for being extremely kind to him.

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A Brief Look at John Brockington’s College Career

John Stanley Brockington was born on September 7, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. In 1968, he started playing fullback and halfback for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Moreover, he was one of the Super Sophomores who brought an undefeated season and a victory in the Consensus National Championship to the Buckeyes in 1968. With a record of 27-2, John Brockington and other super sophomores completed their college careers.

In addition, John Brockington was shifted to the fullback position in 1970. He achieved 1,142 rushing yards and scored 17 rushing touchdowns in his senior season, which was Ohio State’s highest record in a single season. A year before the start of the 21st century, the Buckeyes’ All-Century Team selected John Brockington. In 2002, he was recruited into the Varsity Hall of Fame.

Professional Career

In the 1971 NFL Draft, after Dan Pastorini, John Riggings, Jim Plunkett, and Archie Manning, the Green Bay Packers appointed Brockington with the ninth overall selection. Luckily, in each of his first two seasons, John Brockington became the first NFL player to ever rush for 1,000 yards.

In his 1971 rookie year with the Green Bay Packers, the Associated Press titled Brockington—the National Football League’s Offensive Rookie of the Year for rushing 1,105 yards with an average of 5.1 yards per carry in fourteen games. Historically, John Brockington, in the history of the Packers franchise, retired with 5,024 rushing yards.

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In December 2022, he was ranked fourth in all-time rushing yards as a Packer. Also, Brockington was elected to three consecutive Pro Bowls from 1971 to 1973. However, John Brockington experienced brief success. Unfortunately, with a career-high reception of 314 yards, he ran for 883 yards in 1974 after rushing for 1000 yards in his first three seasons.

In 1975, he could hardly achieve 434 yards rushing on 3.0 yards per carry under the supervision of a new head coach, Bart Starr.

Finally, the Packers let him go after the 1977 season’s first game. The struggling Kansas City Chiefs later picked him up. John Brockington played ten games for them and took his retirement the following season.


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