Who is Mr Kaplan to Reddington? What happens to Mr Kaplan on blacklist?

Blacklist features a character named Mr Kaplan. She worked for Red and was responsible for disposing of bodies. Although Mr Kaplan had been presumed dead for quite some time on the show, recent developments suggest otherwise. People want to know if Mr Kaplan is still alive. Keep reading to find out if Mr Kaplan is alive and if not, why not.   

Is it True That Mr Kaplan Is Still Alive? 

One of the most significant plot twists in the history of The Blacklist occurred in episode 17 of season 9. While Mr Kaplan was presumed dead a long time ago on the show, recent developments suggest he may still be alive. People think Mr Kaplan is still alive because of Reddington’s safe. This one-of-a-kind safe was created to protect Red’s recordings that were destined for Elizabeth.

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In Season 9 of The Blacklist, does Mr Kaplan make it?

Mr Kaplan placed an order for an identical safe without informing Red of his plans, and someone was able to switch the safes without anyone noticing it. There are still many questions that have not been answered, such as when Red recorded those messages and whether or not Mr Kaplan was aware of it. Why would Mr Kaplan want Elizabeth to be killed, and what possible reason could she have for wanting the safe? Although it has not been confirmed whether Mr Kaplan is still alive or not, there are enough clues for speculation. 

In Season 9 of The Blacklist, does Mr. Kaplan make it?
In Season 9 of The Blacklist, does Mr. Kaplan make it?

Mr Kaplan

Over the course of more than two decades, Kathryn Nemec has been Raymond Reddington’s employee. She is only known by the name Mr Kaplan, and she is seen assisting Raymond in the disposal of bodies quite frequently. She is comfortable handling firearms and conceals a Smith & Wesson 686 Plus in her purse at all times. In the episode titled “Requiem,” additional information about her past is disclosed. In 1962, Mr Kaplan’s mother passed away, and Mrs. Kaplan went with her father to the funeral so that they could say their final goodbyes. During the episode titled “Monarch Douglas Bank,” it was disclosed that her first name is “Kate. 

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Susan Blommaert

The role of Mr Kaplan on the television show Blacklist brought Susan Blommaert, an American actress, the most recognition. She has made appearances in a wide variety of films, such as:

  • Edward Scissorhands, 
  • Doubt, and 

United 93. In addition, she has made guest appearances on television programs such as: 

  • Boardwalk Empire, 
  • The Sopranos, and 
  • The Big C. 

She has played the role of Judge Rebecca Steinman on three separate occasions across the Law and Order franchise. 

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The Blacklist Season 9

The ninth season of “The Blacklist” was given the green light for production on January 26, 2021, and the first episode of that season aired on October 21, 2021. The season consists of a total of 22 episodes. Davis Entertainment, Universal Television, and Sony Pictures Television are the three companies that are producing the season. This is the first season of the show where Megan Boone will not be playing Elizabeth Keene. With the exception of Jon Bokenkamp, all of the executive producers who worked on the show have returned for the new season. 

The Blacklist Season 9
The Blacklist Season 9

The Blacklist Season 10

The Blacklist has been a hit with viewers ever since it premiered on NBC in 2013, and it’s no surprise that the network has decided to give the crime drama another season. The premiere of Season 3 will air on NBC on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 8 p.m. As a matter of fact, that’s fantastic news for the audience. Shifting the show’s air date from Fridays to Sundays may attract a larger viewership. This is a more typical time slot for a program of this type. There has been no new information released about the show’s trailer. As always, this is where you should come first for any news or an update.

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