Minecraft Soul Campfire: How to Make Minecraft soul campfire

Minecraft worlds are brave and blocky. Most of the times, players learn plenty of new and exciting things. However, after each update, the times are changing in Minecraft. As after each update, the developers add some cool and unique resources. Recently the team has introduced Minecraft Soul Campfire. Are you tired of the usual Minecraft campfire?

Is it too bright for you? If your answer is yes, then the latest Nether update in Minecraft has got a solution for your these problems, and we have all the details regarding it. Build a Minecraft soul campfire instead of the regular campfire in Minecraft to get a blue fire which will also serenade beautiful songs.

In addition to this, soul fire will keep all the piglins away from you. Also, the light intensity of this fire is comparatively low.

Minecraft Soul Campfire: How to Make Minecraft soul campfire

How to Craft Minecraft Soul Campfire?

Following are the materials that you will be needing to craft soul campfire:

  • Three sticks
  • One soul sand/ soul soil
  • Three kinds of wood/logs
Minecraft Soul Campfire: How to Make Minecraft soul campfire

Once you have all the materials as mentioned earlier, open the crafting grid/menu to place them in a specific order. In the first row, place one stick in the middlebox and keep the other 2 boxes empty. Then, in the second row, place a soul fire/ soul sand in the middlebox and place the remaining 2 sticks beside it. Finally, in the last row, place all the 3 planks of wood/logs in the 3 boxes.

Now, a soul campfire will appear on your right. Drag it in your inventory and have fun using it.

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