Minecraft Campfire: All About the Campfire in Minecraft

The campfire was introduced to Minecraft after Village and Pillage update, i.e., Version 1.14. It has become better and more useful since then.
Also, it can occur naturally else a player can also craft it. It occurs naturally in the taiga and snowy taiga villages. Other than this, you will have to make it on your own. However, the process is relatively straightforward, and anyone can easily lite the campfire.

Uses of Campfire Minecraft?

One of the most useful items in Minecraft is a campfire. Anyone use it to provide light. Furthermore, they melt the snow around them up to 3 blocks. 
Not only this, but campfires are able helpful to cook food. That’s right! If you have fire in your campsite, then, you no longer need fuel for cooking. In addition to this, four raw materials can be put on the fire simultaneously for cooking, and within 30 seconds, the meal will be ready to collect from the fire.

Additionally, a campfire is very useful while harvesting honey without the fear of bees attacks. A player can do it by building a campfire under a beehive. After this, you’ll have all the honey as much as you want and that too without any danger.

You can explore the world of Minecraft without going off-track. Thanks to campfires are the best option that a player can use as signals to get back home. If you put a campfire typically, its smoke would go up to 10 blocks. However, if you put up a campfire on top of a hay bale, the pillar of smoke will float up to 24 blocks. Hence, a signal fire is produced.

How to Craft Minecraft Campfire?

Below is a list of materials that you require for crafting campfire:

  • Three sticks.
  • One coal/charcoal.
  • Three wood/logs.

These items are easily accessible. You can make campfire during the very initial of your game!
Once you have all the materials as mentioned above, simply open the crafting menu. Moreover, there is a specific pattern in which the materials need to set in the crafting grid, keep reading to know about them.

In the first row, place a stick in the middlebox. Leave the first and third box empty. In the second row, place in the middlebox one charcoal/coal. Beside this charcoal/coal place the other two sticks in the first and third box. Finally, in the third row place the three pieces of wood/log.

The Minecraft campfire will appear in the box on your right side. Drag it to your inventory.

Putting out the fire

If a player wishes to stay low for some time in the game, he can put out the fire using a shovel and then light it whenever he wishes too. Another alternative would be placing trapdoor on top of the fire so that no smoke can escape. The trapdoor can be opened by the player whenever he wishes to.

We love Minecraft campfires because of the numerous benefits it offers at such a low-cost price. Which use of campfires do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!



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