Cool Minecraft Houses: Ideas for Your Next Build

Are you one of those competent Minecraft players who wish to make their house one of a kind? Do you want new Cool Minecraft Houses ideas to construct a home that explains how dedicated you are to Minecraft? Look no more because we’ve got you covered!

Whether you are a survival player or a creative one, building a beautiful house somewhat of a shack is every player’s dream. Listed below are 12 Cool Minecraft houses ideas that we absolutely loved:

12 Ideas for Cool Minecraft Houses

1) Minecraft Cool Houses: Minecraft Treehouse

Treehouses are a combo of a beautiful view with a sense of security and adventure. These are straightforward to build and will keep you safe from night creepers. A player can either make a house on top of a tree else he can use any tree as his house and branches as multiple floors. Use wood and other miscellaneous materials to get your dream treehouse. However, remember to build a ladder as it is an essential thing for treehouses. Home is where the heart is, and a treehouse will win your heart.

2) Minecraft Cool Houses: Minecraft Wooden

A wooden house can be of any sort! A player can opt for a sizeable wood-panelled mansion or a small cabin; whatever his heart craves. Wooden houses look aesthetically refreshing and can be administered pretty smoothly. You can have as numerous rooms as you require and even develop a portico. The most pleasing matter is that all the stocks needed to construct a wooden house can be managed without a lot of work and hassle, making it one of the best options for a rookie.

3) Minecraft Cool Houses: The Palo Alto Lantern House

Do you want to settle in a touch of the real world in your Minecraft game? Then, this house is just what you need to be building. After undergoing through some of the boundaries of the game, the Palo Alto Lantern House is the closest you can get to making a real-world modern house in the game.

4) Minecraft Cool Houses: Tuscan Style Home

Do you love a little mix and match? If your answer is yes, the Tuscan house is an absolute pick for you. This game gives players the opportunity to combine different blocks and colour schemes to accomplish their dream house. Mix a few colours of clay, coarse dirt, brick, granite, various kinds of timbers and some leaf blocks to get a beautiful and comfortable accommodation that every other player will envy.

5) Minecraft Cool Houses: Japanese House

To get a cosy Japanese place of yours in the game using cobblestone, acacia logs, wood, and sandstone. Use bright, vibrant traditional colours and surround your home with blossom trees.

6) Minecraft Cool Houses: Modern Beach House

Think out of the box to get a modern looking beach house. We think that it is vital for a player to use explicit materials when he is trying to build a trending home. Pair concrete with wooden planks and glass to get one of the most sensational beach houses ever built in Minecraft. Construct lots of large windows and maybe even have a swimming pool with your beach house to make it look spectacular.

7) Live Luxury Life in Minecraft Villa

Get your very own luxurious Villa with a pool to have a drink or two in this game. Build a lot of rooms and decorate your villa just like you would in the real world. You can construct a Victorian-style villa, a European style villa or even a Spanish villa. The sky’s the limit when it comes to assembling your very own place in the game.

8) Minecraft Cool Houses: Sandstone Mansion

Sandstone mansions are not easy to build. They require a lot of time and labour. You have to craft sandstone.

Following are the steps to make/craft a sandstone house in Minecraft:

  • First, the player will need to open the crafting menu.
  • There he will place four sand in the 3×3 crafting grid. Remember to put two sand in the first row in the first two boxes and two sand in the second row in the first two boxes. It is essential to place sand in this order only for the end product to be sandstone.
  • Sandstone will appear in the single box at the player’s right side. To start using, move this newly crafted item to the inventory.
  • Players can craft as much sandstone as they require. The player can then craft this sandstone into slabs, stairs, etc. to get an ideal sandstone mansion.

Quick Tip:- To accelerate the crafting process, the players can choose to use Blast Furnace.

9) Minecraft Cool Houses: Suburban Home

Do you want your game to resemble the real world? Then, go for constructing a suburban home. These houses can be built by using materials such as concrete, wood, stone, and wood. This home will allow you to enjoy the vibe of the suburbs.

10) Minecraft Cool Houses: Asian Pagoda

Install an Asian Decorations Mod and start assembling your very own Asian Pagoda. This particular style is going to be a challenge for the players as they try to capture the essence of a real-life pagoda. Collect or craft spruce wood, white wool, spruce wood stairs, spruce fence and spruce wood plank in order to build this style houses.

11) The Advanced House: Underwater Hideout

Underwater builds look stunning. However, they are one of the most challenging builds you will ever encounter. A lot of potions, enchanted gear and sponges are required to make this underwater hideout a reality. You will have to drain all the rooms so that you can live in your secret base. We would recommend you to build this in a coral reef biome as it will make your hideout look even more relaxed.

12) Minecraft Royal House: Castle

A castle is a medieval home that you can build in any way that you would prefer. Construct chimneys, towers with stained glass windows and add detailing as per your choice. Furthermore, build it on top of a hill with hidden rooms and torches to make the castle stand out from other mansions and villas.

A lot of time, effort and creativity is needed to make your home spacious and luxurious. Which ideas did you like and are going to try out very soon? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you.


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