Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe: How to Make and Use It?

New to Minecraft and got some items to smelt in the blast furnace quickly? Then the blaster furnace is the best option for you. But don’t know how to make a Minecraft blast furnace and how to use it? However, If you think that you already have a stove in Minecraft so why you need the blast furnace? Then, your thinking is justified. But if you own a blast furnace, then you can smelt your ores in a brief period in comparison to a regular furnace.

Nevertheless, you can use it to smelt ores blocks tools, and armour, along with gold or chainmail. If you own a Minecraft blast furnace but don’t have any existing armour. Then you get a chance to hire an unemployed villager as an armourer. All these furnaces have a blast resistance of 17.5, and they emit a light level of 13 while smelting.

Item/Material Required to Craft Blast Furnace

To craft a blast furnace, you don’t need to be a master in any field. To start preparing, you just need to have five Iron Ingots, and three pieces of Smooth Stone. All these required materials are easy to round up except the smooth stone. Although the smooth stone isn’t a tough job to do, creating it in the game might be a new task for newbies.

Minecraft Blast Furnace

Note:- To craft a blast furnace, you must have a regular oven in your inventory, because you need something to smelt the items. Yet, if you don’t have a standard furnace, then you can craft one for you by throwing eight cobblestones into the crafting grid.

Obtain Iron Ore

The first thing which you need for a furnace is iron ore. You must have five iron ores, and these ores are readily available in the game. You can start digging the iron ores in the caves and ravines, as these are one of the best places to explore iron ores. These ores are also available in the side of a mountain or hill.

Tip:- Explore your surrounding in the game. If you see any space that’s opened up, then start digging. As these are the only areas where you can find the iron ores with fewer efforts.

Minecraft Blast Furnace

Create Iron Bars

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need five iron bars in the blast furnace recipe. To accomplish them, just throw some iron ores in the regular furnace along with some fuel.

Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe: How to Make and Use It?

Create Smooth Stone

Well, this is the essential material, and to complete the blast furnace crafting, you’ll need three smooth stones. So, the main ingredient to create it is stone. You can get rocks; you must have a pickaxe with silk touch to mine stone. Once you managed to get three ordinary rocks in your inventory, just them into the furnace and wait until it heats into smooth stone!

How to Make, Craft and Create the Blast Furnace

Now all you just need to do is place all the ingredients together in the crafting grid to complete the blaster furnace recipe. When you load the crafting grid, put your regular furnace in the middle and fill the first row with Iron Ingots. And the two remaining ingots will automatically go on either side of the central row. In the last line, put all the three smooth stones. After putting all the required ingredients in the prescribed manner you will be ready to craft your Minecraft blasting furnace.

Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe: How to Make and Use It?

Tip:- If you place all the ingredients in the correct sequence, then you will be able to see the blast furnace in the box (as shown in the image above).

Now, wait for ten minutes to get your blaster furnace ready. Once it is prepared, place it in your inventory to start using it.

How to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

You can start using the blaster furnace by placing the items in it along with some fuel on the top. After putting all the things, it will change its state to ‘lit’. Any item placed inside it will be smelted in less time compared to a regular furnace. The worst thing about this furnace is that it will consume fuel at a double rate. Once the items are ready to be collected, then you can obtain them by clicking on on ‘use item’ button.

Another worst thing about this furnace is that you will get only half experience points for smelting anything as you do in the standard furnace. For most of the players, it isn’t a big issue because the XP points can also be earned through the XP farm. So, I don’t think that you need to worry about it anymore.

However, if you feel concerned about it, then you continue using your old/normal furnaces.


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