Minecraft Smooth Stone: How to Make it?

Minecraft allows you to mine and builds your own Minecraft houses while also battling mobs and exploring the constantly changing landscape. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose from hundreds of tools and stone types and add your own special touch to every building or castle that you build! A special type of building material that is quite popular is Minecraft Smooth Stone. In fact, it is one of the chicest and clean looking materials that can make any building look spectacular and edgy.

Smooth Stone vs Cobblestone

Players love cobblestone and Smooth Stone both due to the ease they can get them. However, Smooth Stone has the upper hand as its more polished, unlike Cobblestone, which is messy and fractured.

How to Make Minecraft Smooth Stone?

Making Smooth Stone is pretty easy; you do not really need any arcane knowledge or magical tools. In fact, you probably already have everything that you need.

The first step is to get your hands on a furnace which is basically a storage block where you can smelt other blocks. You can make it by using 8 Cobblestone blocks. We recommend making at least a few furnaces before beginning with your project so that you can quickly get as many smooth stones as you need.

Then, put some fuel inside the furnace. The fuel can be of any type; wood, coal, charcoal, a bucket of lava, etc.; use what is easily accessible to you!

Next, put in some cobblestone. The fire will smelt the cobblestone into a simple Stone. Further smelting will cause the stone to change into Smooth Stone. Follow the steps given below to double smelt your cobblestones in the furnace.

  • Right-click on the furnace.
  • This will bring you to the furnace’s GUI.
  • In the GUI, you will see three empty spaces.
  • Fill the top left space with cobblestone.
  • Put your desired form of fuel in the bottom left space.
  • Now you must patiently wait for the arrow to fill. The arrow, present in the centre, indicates how far along the furnace is in the smelting process.
  • Once the arrow is completely filled, your stone will be ready for collection. 
  • Collect the stone and put it back in the furnace for further smelting.
  • Once the smelting process is complete, your stone will have transformed into a smooth stone.
  • Collect your Smooth Stone and enjoy building clean, sleek buildings!

What are the uses of Smooth Stone?

Smooth Stone has two main purposes. 

1. You can use it to make a Minecraft Blast Furnace which is essentially an upgraded version of a basic furnace. It works twice as fast as a regular furnace and can smelt ores and armor. You can also use it as a job block to turn your regular villagers into armourers. All you need to make a Blast Furnace is five Iron Ingots, one furnace and three Smooth Stones.

2. The other thing you can use Smooth Stone for is making Smooth Stone Slabs used for decorative purposes. Use it to make some clean edges for your castles or craft some spectacular sleek houses. Honestly, using smooth stone slabs as a foundation for your building is way more accessible than building a house out of gold or iron. You can easily make this slab by placing three smooth stone blocks in the crafting grid’s middle row. This will provide you with six smooth stone slabs for your masterpiece’s foundation.

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Rahis Saifi
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