Minecraft Invisibility Potion

In the realms of Minecraft, there are many potions, such as Minecraft Invisibility Potion, Blaze Powder, Fermented Spider Eye and Glistering Melon. Through potions, players get a chance to level up their game swiftly. These potions can be brewed and stored in the inventory. Anytime players can use it by drinking it whenever he needs the specific power of potion. These potions can be buff, life-saving bonuses, or even an incredible ability such as healing or becoming invisible.

The potion of invisibility is one of Minecraft’s best options, enabling the player to be invisible for 3 to 8 minutes depending upon the quality. However, the potion has a few downfalls. The potion will only make the player invisible, but all his weapons and items will also become visible.

Moreover, mobs will detect the player even when he is invisible and even attack him (if he is at a very close range to the mob). It will be much more difficult for the mobs to attack the player if he is wearing any armour as it will increase range.

Possible Ways to Get it

Throughout the game, there are only two ways by which a player can get their hands on the potion of invisibility. Both of these ways are straightforward. The first way is quite rare. It is via wandering traders who will only drop the potion if they die while drinking it.

The second method depends entirely on your hard work and effort. You can get a hold of the potion of invisibility by brewing it yourself. This method will require both time and patience as you will need to gather all the ingredients first and then start with the brewing process.

Ingredients Required to Minecraft Invisibility Potion

  • Need 1 Brewing Stand (3 Cobblestone, 1 blaze rod)
  • 1 Potion of Night Vision (Golden Carrot, Nether Wart, Water Bottle)
  • 1 Spider Eye

How to Make the Minecraft Invisibility Potion?

Minecraft Invisibility Potion
  • Before actually making the potion, you need to have a brewing stand. Luckily, a player can make his very own brewing stand at the Crafting Table using 3 Cobblestone and 1 blaze rod. You will probably be having some Cobblestone since it is a common resource. But, you will have to go and get a blaze rod from Blazes in the Nether. Once you have all the resources, go to the Crafting Table. The 3 Cobblestone will be placed in the bottom row whereas the blaze rod will be placed in the centre. Your brewing stand will be ready.
  • Next, the potion of night vision needs to be ready for you to make the potion of invisibility. This step won’t be tough. The Nether Wart that you will need to make the potion will be available at the Nether Fortresses or even the Bastion Remnants. Once you have that, it’s time to craft the glass bottle at the Crafting Table, which will become the water bottle later on. Place the two glass blocks at the right and left of the grid’s top row and one glass block in the grid’s centre. You will now have three glass bottles ready to become water bottles. All you have to do is fill the glass bottles with water from any water source in the game. Finally, you will get the Golden Carrots from the Bastion Remnants or Ruined Portals. These golden carrots can also be made on the crafting table by placing a Carrot in the centre of the grid and then surrounding it with eight Gold Nuggets on all sides. Now that you have all the ingredients for the potion of night vision, it’s time to prepare it through the Brewing Stand. First, put some Blaze Power (it can be made by putting a blaze rod in the Crafting Table) in the far left box so that the Brewing Stand activates.  Next, the Water Bottle needs to be placed in one of the bottom boxes, and the Nether Wart will fit in the Brewing Stand’s top box perfectly. Then, wait for a short while. The player will get an Awkward Potion in front of him which will have little to no effect. He will place the Golden Carrot in the top box to ultimately create the Potion of Night vision.
  • It is now time to create the final ingredient of the potion, Fermented Spider Eye. For this, you will need a Spider Eye, a Mushroom, and Sugar. Once you have all of these, go to the crafting table. Put the Mushroom in the first box of the uppermost row of the grid and the next item, i.e. Sugar in the second box. Lastly, place the Spider Eye in the centre box below the Sugar.
  • Now that you have all the ingredients, it’s time to make the real magic happen and create the potion of invisibility. Open the brewing stand and place the blaze powder in the far left box so that it activates. Put the Potion of Night vision in one of the bottom boxes of the Brewing Stand. The Fermented Spider Eye will be put in the top box. Wait for a short while. You will now have the Potion of Invisibility which will last for 3 minutes. You can extend the time to 8 minutes by adding Redstone dust to it. The player will have to put the Potion of Invisibility in the Brewing Stand’s bottom row and add some Redstone Dust in the top of the box. This will result in a potion of invisibility which will have the ability to last longer.


You can drink the potion in Minecraft whenever you want to escape an attack by mobs or even zombies. In addition to this, it is always fun to be invisible in the game now and then. So, brew the potion and enjoy Minecraft.


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