Melinda Dillon husband: Everything to Know about her husband and children

The death of Melinda Dillon has taken everyone by surprise, and now, fans are trying to look into the actress’s personal life. Was she married? If yes, who is Melinda Dillon husband? Were they together when she passed away?

Melinda Dillon married Richard Libertini in 1963. The couple divorced each other after around 15 years of marriage in 1978. The 83-year-old actress did not marry anyone after Richard.

Who was Melinda Dillon Husband?

Just like Melinda, Richard Libertini was also an actor. He was also a comedian and playwright.

Melinda Dillon husband was born in January 1933 in Cambridge. The actor was well acclaimed and even won several awards, such as an Emmy and Tony awards. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

He began his career as an actor in the theater and was a part of several productions. Some of his work was even on Broadway. Moreover, he was famous for his one-man shows in which Richard would play the roles of different characters, each with a unique accent. He later moved to Los Angeles and began working in tv shows and movies.

Melinda Dillon husband Richard is well known for his roles in Sharky’s Machine, Fletch, All of Me, The In-Laws, and Popeye. These were all huge successes and helped the actor gain recognition for his work.

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How did Melinda Dillon meet Richard Libertini?

The late actress grew up moving from one army base to another and finally graduated high school in Chicago. She then went on to take a job at The Second City, a comedy club that was named after its homeland. Melinda Dillon worked there as a coat check girl.

Melinda Dillon husband Everything to Know about her husband and children
Melinda Dillon husband Everything to Know about her husband and children

Later on, Melinda convinced one of the higher-ups at the club to let her become a part of a play. This is where she met her future husband, Richard Libertini. During that time, Richard was a part of the improvisational troupe stationed at The Second City.

The pair immediately felt sparks and tied the knot in 1963.

Melinda Dillion Husband Richard Libertini’s Death

Melinda’s husband died in January 2016 due to cancer. Richard Libertini was 82 years old at the time of his death and took his last breath in his home in Venice, California.

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Melinda Dillon Children

The A Christmas Story actress only had one child in her lifetime named Richard Libertini Jr. Melinda’s son was a result of her marriage with Richard Libertini. There isn’t much known about Melinda Dillon’s son except that he was extremely loved by both his parents, who remained cordial even after their separation. The duo was there for their son always. Moreover, Richard Libertini Jr did not choose the same career path as his parents and has always stayed away from the limelight.

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