Marca Mp Breakup: Why Chato Left?

Marca MP Breakup is Confirmed!

All the Marca MP’s strings are no longer tied together, as the strings of the band that were linked in the year 2018 are no longer together. The split-up news of this Mexican music band is now hovering on the digital board, as the band’s virtual performers are havocking through the non-resolving matters, yet not disclosed in public. Starting with El Guerro, a successful collaboration with Grupo Firme, the band Marca MP initially sparked with its quartet, Pedro Vargas (vocalist), Esteban Salcedo (Tuba player), and the two guitarists Christian Daniel and Jesus Tizoc.  

Marca Mp Breakup Why Chato Left
Marca Mp Breakup Why Chato Left

Following the Marca MP band performances, this is not hidden that the versatility it presents is majorly yielded with Chato’s lyrics that he vocals. So, Why did Chato leave? This is evident from the audience listening to the Marca MP beats through his chanting notes.

Let’s dig the Marca MP breakup news down here!

California-Based Mexican Band Breakup: Who Left Marca MP? 

Leaving the year 2019’s successful journey of the band in terms of song, when El Guerro got hit, Chato (Pedro Vargas), the leading vocalist, got into a car accident in 2020, as reported. The news gained prominence when Ricky Calderon, one of the Marca MP social media representatives, exchanged virtual thankfulness with the fans for their overwhelming wishes through the band’s official Instagram page, as per reports.

However, summoned with the news, Calderon further addressed in the story that Marca MP members had to revise the shooting decision for their new album, previously scheduled on 2 August 2020. Proximity to these scenarios still needs to be clarified why Chato left. Meanwhile, the quest for Chato’s departure turns into another twist in the Marca MP breakup story. A twist that confirms the estrangement among this Californian band members. 

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A Quest With a Twist: Marca MP Breakup Story

The phrase nothing remains the exact contours of the split-up story of Marca MP. Contrapuntally, the band that boarded on the fame, with its quartet members playing Banda, Mariachi, and Ranchera, now has lost its alignment to instability among its members. The two guitarists, Cristian Daniel and Jesus Tizoc, who were part of Marca MP’s initial success, now stand apart from it.

In the same month of August 2020, preceding the news of Chato’s accident, Juan Carlos Gamboa informs that Jesus Tizoc and Cristian Daniel both have announced their departure from the group. 

Carlos Gamboa quotes Tizoc’s Instagram updates briefing as covertly about the reasons behind his leave. Tizoc addressed the breakup issue, saying, “… I will no longer be part of the Marca MP group for many personal reasons and part of that because there were many problems in the group that could not be fixed.” Additionally, Tizoc could be observed as sentimental or emotional in his goodbye word, as he keeps saying hope they will continue to support him. Tizoc’s breakup with Marca MP sounds natural to the facts he addressed.

Other than Tizoc comes Cristian Daniel, who also confirmed his separation news from the group Marca MP through his video on his social media accounts, as Carlos further verifies. Daniel states the fact quite similar to Tizoc, in one way, at least, when he says, “… there were many problems.” 

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Notably, the RC Music company further validated the news of Daniel and Tizoc’s breakup from Marca MP, as per Gamboa’s reports.

So, Who Joined After Marca MP Breakup? The Changing Moments!

People come and go, and life keeps track. Similarly, Marca MP’s breakup with Daniel and Tizoc has tied up some new strings in the band. Daniel and Tizoc’s places are now refilled with Diogenes Bojorquez and Julio Torres. They both are guitarists and joined the Marca MP group when Las Preferidas, Vol.3 (En Vivo) was released, as per ALLMUSIC.

Hopefully, the article addressed your query about Marca MP’s breakup news.

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