Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Net Worth- How Much Does He Earn Every Month?

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf is a well-known former professional basketball player who played in the NBA for nine years. Now and then, people wonder what Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth is and what he is doing these days. After all, he played in the big league and was a part of amazing teams, including Sacramento Kings, Vancouver Grizzlies, and Denver Nuggets.

During his tenure as a professional basketball player, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf played for several teams and performed exceptionally. He was also given several titles. All of this is why Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth is huge, and we have broken it all down for you below.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Net Worth in 2023- How Rich Is He?

As of 2023, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth is $5 million. While his net worth is not as huge as another NBA player, Glen Davis, he is doing pretty well and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. The former NBA player has earned a total of $19,849,500 from his professional basketball career. Additionally, it has been revealed that he made around $1,660,000 playing for the Denver Nuggets in 1990-1991 which really increased Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Net Worth- How Much Does He Earn Every Month
Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Net Worth- How Much Does He Earn Every Month

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Early Life- The Life Of A Boy With Tourette syndrome

Born on 9 March 1969, Rauf was born with the name Chris Jackson. He has two brothers, and the three of them were raised by their mother, Jacqueline Jackson, in Mississippi.

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Mahmoud encountered difficult situations in his childhood as his family was not financially stable. Moreover, Rauf had to miss out on his fourth grade and get enrolled in special education programs as he was diagnosed with a mild form of Tourette syndrome. He was able to overcome his medical condition by the age of 17. Rauf studied at Gulfport High School. He later on, studied at Louisiana State University for two years.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Career- Journey From NBA To Retirement 

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf didn’t love basketball since he was a kid. He discovered the sport and his interest in it when a middle school girls’ coach made him aware of his talent during lunch. Even though the former NBA star had never played basketball before, he made his big debut with 24 points. Back then, no one knew that he would become a millionaire, and people would search for Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth. He then went on to play for the school and had an average of 29.9 points per game in his senior year of Gulfport high school. Rauf even won the title of Mississippi’s Mr. Basketball in 1987 and 1988.

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Mahmoud Abdul Rauf was a natural basketball player. He played for his university and scored several points. His score of 53 points versus Florida broke the freshman scoring record. Sometime during his first two years at LSU, Rauf realized that he wanted to do this for a living.

The 53-year-old’s professional career began with Denver Nuggets when they selected him in the 1990 NBA draft. Within his debut season, he was able to prove himself and take his first step toward building Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth. He was even given the title of NBA All-Rookie Second Team. In 1993, he participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest due to his several excellent dunks. Rauf remained a huge part of the Denver Nuggets and left the team in 1996.

During his time in the NBA, Mahmoud became a part of a controversy as he refused to stand up in respect of the national anthem. It was a sign of protest against the American flag, which according to him, was a sign of tyranny.

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Rauf joined the Fenerbahce of the Turkish Basketball League in 1998 and was wholeheartedly committed to it for two years. This helped build Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth. Then, in the December of 2003, the American basketball player joined the Ural Great of the Russian Basketball Super League. In 2004, he signed a contract with Sedima Roset. In 2005, he signed a contract with Udine. However, he couldn’t play for that entire season due to an Achilles tendon injury.

In 2006, the professional basketball player made a comeback and joined Aris Thessaloniki which automatically increased Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth. Then, in November 2007, Mahmoud signed a contract to play for Al-Ittihad of the Saudi Basketball League. After two years, Rauf left the Saudi team to join the Kyoto Hannaryz of the Japan Basketball League.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Personal Life- Is He Married?

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf met his first wife, Kim Jackson, at his university. The two dated for a few years and then finally tied the knot. However, their marriage didn’t last very long. This is because Mahmoud converted to Islam in 1991, followed by changing his name in 1993. He wanted the same for his wife. He wanted Kim to wear a veil and cover herself in public. But, Kim Jackson chose not to agree with Mahmoud Abdul Rauf’s request. Hence the NBA player filed for divorce in 1994, stating that the couple had irreconcilable differences in religious. Moreover, Rauf also had five children with Kim.

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Later, Mahmoud went on to marry April, a Muslim convert like him. The now-married couple studied at the same high school and have known each other since then. Furthermore, Mahmoud’s second marriage is going very strong, and the couple has already spent over 20 years together as a married couple.

While Mahmoud has retired from his basketball career, he still earns a lot because of his endorsements, interviews, and recently released documentary. So, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf net worth will probably increase in the upcoming year.


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