Is the NFL Scripted Like WWE?

A common question making rounds on the internet in the past few days is: Is NFL Scripted? Furthermore, it is compared with WWE. The rumors of Is the NFL Scripted started with Arian Foster, 36, fueling the debate by stating in his Microdosing podcasting that NFL is scripted. While remembering his playing days in the podcast, he noted that the players were often distracted during their training season because of their dedication to the script. 

Is the NFL Scripted?

If you have listened to the podcast, Is the NFL Scripted? The answer is yes. In the podcast, Foster even claimed that practicing for the sport was much like practicing the script. All the players had to run by hand. Additionally, he compared the NFL with WWE. He claimed that all the players knew about the outcome. However, they were expected to put on a show for the viewers. 

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Was It All A Prank?

Even though Foster maintained a straight face while answering Is the NFL Scripted, it is probably a joke. It is because Foster also has an acting background. He previously appeared in Draft Day, a 2014 movie. Therefore, it is not surprising to many users that he put out a convincingly straight face while answering the question, “Is the NFL Scripted.”

Is the NFL Scripted Like WWE
Is the NFL Scripted Like WWE

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After his podcast discussion went viral, many NFL players joined in the debate and reacted to it. Alvin Kamara, while joining the prank, stated that he almost walked out when he was handed the script during his season. The statement was followed with an unimpressed strategy. 

While joining the discussion, Kurt Warner, NFL Hall of Fame, stated that someone perhaps threw his script away before he arrived. In addition, he compared the scenario with the Truman show with a shrugging emoji. 

Robert Griffin III, former Heisman Trophy winner, while sharing a GIF of Will Smith, posted that he was reading the end script for 2012. Later, Dan Orlovsky joined the discussion with a shrugging emoji and stated everything was scripted. Ryan Lead agreed to it. He extended the joke by saying he earned a lot of money for his performance. 

What’s Going On?

Let us sum up everything which is going on. To begin with, the question Is the NFL Scripted? The answer is no. It was just a prank pulled up on a podcast. However, soon, the rumors started flooding about the NFL being scripted. It was a result of a misunderstanding. The prank, which was supposed to stay small, was further elaborated by other NFL players. 

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Anyone not following the joke thought that the NFL is scripted, just like WWE. However, that is not the case. Therefore, if you have followed the NFL wholeheartedly, you do not need to be disappointed. The NFL is accurate, and no, it is not scripted like WWE. 

However, There Is More To The Prank 

Even though the latest act was just a prank, fans have been questioning the legitimacy of the NFL for a long time. Last year, Dwight Smith, a former NFL superstar, made a serious claim. In a radio interview, he stated that the league often determines the winner of all the major NFL games. Furthermore, he added that all the players of both teams knew about all the moves one would make. He also added that the NFL picks the team for the Super Bowl based on the storylines. 

The internet is divided while answering Is the NFL Scripted? A few users think it is indeed scripted, while others believe it is not easy to script a game like NFL. To sum up, people are still determining if the NFL is Scripted. It is something only the NFL players will know, and the NFL players have been switching sides for a long time. Moreover, streaming out-of-market NFL games has added a new dimension to this debate, allowing fans to follow the action in real-time and draw their conclusions about the authenticity of the sport.

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