Lanny Poffo Death: Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo Dies at 68, Know What Happened to Him

Lanny Poffo passed away at the age of 68! The star was full of life, and it is a tragedy that he passed away too soon. The official confirmation of his death came via a close acquaintance of Lanny Poffo. It was posted on social media. This brings us to our next question; what caused Lanny Poffo’s death? To know everything regarding Lanny Poffo death and final days, continue reading the article!

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Lanny Poffo death: How did the Former WWE star die?

Many co-workers of Lanny Poffo, along with other supporters and fans, expressed their grief over his death. However, we do not know the actual reason for Lanny Poffo’s death. Of course, there are speculations at the moment, but none of the sources close to Poffo have confirmed anything. 

Not much time has passed since his death, so it is pretty standard for the family members not to announce anything. And it can also be a personal matter. It is indeed a sad time for the family. So, it is advisable that everyone remains patient and respects the family’s privacy in these dire times. 

Lanny Poffo Death Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo Dies at 68, Know What Happened to Him
Lanny Poffo Death Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo Dies at 68, Know What Happened to Him

It is safe to say that the art of wrestling was in the blood of Poffo. His father and brother both were big shots in the WWE industry. His brother was Famer Randy (commonly known as Macho Man). At one point in their careers, the brothers had the WWE wrapped around their fingers. 

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Despite having connections in the field, Lanny Poffo worked hard to make his career. When he started, he had to endure hardships. But eventually, it got a lot better for him. Throughout his career, he was booked and busy. Companies used to line up to recruit him. He also earned titles like ‘The Genius’ and ‘Leaping’ because of his fighting tactics. 

Although Lanny Poffo has passed away, his legacy in the world of WWE will always live on. 

Lanny Poffo’s last days

Lanny Poffo was an all-rounder! Wrestling was not the only specialty that he had. He also published a book of poems for children. His past, hardships, and love for his brother are reflected in the beautiful poem that he wrote. Even after he retired, Poffi didn’t exclude himself from the ring. He remained associated with the WWE. 

He always had a love for poetry. Before his match, he used to write poems ridiculing his opponent. And just before the game, he recited them in front of the whole audience. People used to love this habit of Poffo. It got so famous that at one point, WWE also decided to profit from them. He peaked in the 1990s! Lanny Poffo also appeared in the movies! He was there in Spiderman (2002) and Baywatch. Well, he had a diverse career. 

In 2015 he pushed the officials to honor his brother because of his achievements. He succeeded because, in the same year, Poffo’s brother was on the Wall of Fame. 

It is a massive blow to the WWE industry that both Poffo brothers are no longer with us. The official WWE page also posted about his passing away. Make sure to read the article! For now, we don’t have any news regarding Lanny Poffo death. But hopefully, in the future, when the word gets out, we’ll make sure to add to this site. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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