Lance Kerwin Cause of Death: ‘Salem’s Lot’ Actor Lance Kerwin Dies at 62

Recently, Savanah Kerwin, the daughter of Lance Kerwin, confirmed the news of her father, Lance Kerwin’s death, on 25th January but she did not share Lance Kerwin cause of death. She addressed the tragic news about her father a day after his death through her Facebook. It’s undeniable how the death of our loved ones drenches us into deep mourning. However, Kerwin’s daughter, Savanah, staunchly stands in this great time of desolation as she expresses her gratitude for all the prayers, memories, and gentle words expressed in the remembrance of her father.

Lance Kerwin, an American actor and the star of the 1970s, James at 15, and Salem’s Lot, rose on the Hollywood screen at a young age as a late 19s celebrity. He died at 62 in San Clemente, California, and has left fans concerned about the cause of his death. To know the facts about Lance Kerwin cause of death, keep reading!

What Is Lance Kerwin Cause of Death?

Until now, Lance Kerwin cause of death is not on the record. Instead, there is the slightest bit of information regarding the post-death ceremonies, updated from his daughter Savanah Kerwin. In her 25th January update on Facebook about her father’s death, Savanah states that in the forthcoming weeks, she will share the details about afterlife ceremonies. Additionally, she concludes with the gesture of love she believed her father had for all who responded to his death with love and affection.

Lance Kerwin Cause of Death 'Salem's Lot' Actor Lance Kerwin Dies at 62
Lance Kerwin Cause of Death ‘Salem’s Lot’ Actor Lance Kerwin Dies at 62

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However, Savanah has also explained that an autopsy has been conducted to determine her father, Lance Kerwin cause of death, as reported by Variety. Hopefully, the autopsy reports will help in discerning some physical health issues to understand why the 62-year-old actor passed away.

Later on 26th January, Savanah, in her Facebook post regarding the GOFUNDME campaign’s success, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the people who helped and aided in the purpose. As she writes:

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“We wanted to take a moment to thank every person who has kindly donated, shared, commented, and messaged us. We are incredibly humbled and thankful for the powerful response of a community coming around our family. My dad would have been so amazed at the impact he had on others, and I can’t help but believe he is feeling the love himself.”

What Did Lance Kerwin Play in?

Starting his career during his teen years, Lance Kerwin worked for TV series and film productions in the 1970s. Kerwin is primarily renowned for the 70s teenage drama James at 15, which observed strong criticism for its subject matter. It deals with pre-marital affairs in the growing adolescent age. Apart from the fragility of the content, James at 15 marked its place as 1977’s critically acclaimed show for its presentation of 70s family life, specifically, “those matters affecting teenagers” in life, as reported in the book “The Guide to the United States Popular Culture.”

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Additionally, Kerwin’s talent also sought places for him in other projects. The Loneliest Runner (1976) and Salem’s Lot (1979) are most commonly addressed with Kerwin’s name among many.


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