The Passing of Randy Gonzalez Cause of Death Revealed

Randy Gonzalez cause of death: Randy Gonzalez has captured the hearts of many through his TikToks, and many are vying to know Randy Gonzalez’s cause of death. Randy brought smiles to the faces of his millions of fans through his lip-syncing videos with his son and family, and they are saddened to hear that he is no more. They are also curious about what took away the breath of such a joyous human being and want to know Randy Gonzalez’s cause of death.

The Passing of Randy Gonzalez Cause of Death Revealed
The Passing of Randy Gonzalez Cause of Death Revealed

Randy Gonzalez Cause of Death

Randy Gonzalez passed away on Wednesday, the 25th of January, 2023. His family confirmed his death on ABC news and through their social media accounts.

Randy Gonzalez’s cause of death is colon cancer. He had been battling cancer for a whole year and revealed his diagnosis publicly in April 2022.

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He revealed once that he had been diagnosed with cancer in December 2021 and kept it a secret because he did not want to make others worry about him and because this was very personal. He then chose against it because he wanted to raise awareness for young men. In line with this idea, he mentions that colon cancer is said to be pretty rare in men of his age; however, he still developed it and wanted people to know that it was possible for them, too. Even though it is rare for some his age to have cancer, Randy Gonzalez does not think he is unlucky to have it.

Statement from family

Randy’s son Brice announced his death to the 15.8 million followers on the father-son duo’s TikTok account. He expressed his sadness over his father’s death and revealed that Randy Gonzalez cause of death is his year-long battle with cancer. However, he also expresses gratitude that his father is now in heaven. Moreover, he thanked the fans and followers for their good wishes and condolences to family and friends.

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In Houston, Texas, where the family resides, Brice said that a public tribute would be held in the future for all those who want to honor his death. He ends his statement with sweet words, saying he wishes he could hug and kiss his father and hopes that he will be looking over his whole family. He then expresses his love for his father and signs off. 

Statements from friends

Randy Gonzalez had many good friends in the film and entertainment industry. Other than his son Brice, many others went on social media to express their sadness over his death to give their condolences to all those grieving. Actor Eva Longoria commented under Brice’s posts to offer her prayers and love for the deceased’s family. Screen and stage star John Barrowman also commented under the seat, reminiscing about Randy and how he would always light up the room he was in with his energy and joy. He also expressed how his and his father’s TikToks always made him smile and brought him happiness. Moreover, he offers his thoughts and condolences to Brice and his whole family.

Randy Gonzalez Career

Randy shot to fame when his and his son Brice’s account on TikTok went viral. The duo lip-synced famous TikTok audios, from comedy skits to interviews to rap verses. His wife Kimberly and daughters Lauren and Nylah often feature in the duo’s videos and make silly TikToks with them. Together, the family garnered a whopping 15.8 million followers on their TikTok account and 1.6 million followers on their Instagram account.

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