Tyre Nichols Cause of Death: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

It is regular news, especially in the US, that racial discrimination is quite prevalent even in these modern times, and that is precisely Tyre Nichols cause of death. As we have seen from the George Floyd incident and the BLM movement, discrimination against Black people is generally occurring. Tyre Nichols’s cause of death is proof that this discrimination still exists. This is why he succumbed to his untimely and pitiful death and Tyre Nichols’s cause of death.

Tyre Nichols Cause of Death What We Know and What We Don't Know
Tyre Nichols Cause of Death What We Know and What We Don’t Know

Tyre Nichols Cause Of Death

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Tyre Nichols cause of death is the violence he encountered at a traffic stop. He was severely beaten up by five police officers and died at the hospital three days later. Tyre had to be rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The violent traffic stop incident occurred on January 7 at around 8:30 pm. The police pulled over Tyre’s car over suspected reckless driving, and a “confrontation occurred,” as stated by the police department, but no details of this confrontation were given.

Moreover, no substantial reason has been provided for why Nichols’ car was stopped other than calling it “reckless driving.” Surveillance cameras, however, show no proof of this whatsoever, and the police are still trying to find out what caused the police to stop.

After being stopped at the first altercation, the police try to get Nichols out of his car as he repeatedly keeps asking what wrong he did. It was also evident that the tension was intense right from the beginning. This induced the aggressive nature of the stop and the yelling. After encountering this violence and pepper spray being pulled out, Tyre fled the scene and ran for his life.

The police then caught up with Nichols at another location, and at that point, they started beating him up. This is where Tyre got most of the brutal injuries he sustained. After eating him up, the police left the scene until a while later; an ambulance came to rescue Tyre. On January 10, 3 days after the incident, Tyre passed away due to excessive bleeding, kidney failure, and a cardiac arrest, all of which were caused by the beating.

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Statement From The Police

The police department and the chief expressed their sadness that such an incident had taken place. The Memphis Police Chief Davis called the incident “heinous, reckless and inhumane.” Moreover, he believes it to as a failure of basic humanity and professionalism.

To ensure something like this never happens again, the police department has started an internal investigation to get to the bottom of everything that happened. Previous records of the police officers involved are also being checked to see if any other incident similar to this took place in the past. All five police officers were fired and charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct, and official oppression.

Statement From The Family

The family was devastated to hear about what happened to their beloved. They were told on January 7 at 9 pm that Tyre was arrested and taken for DUI and resisting arrest. However, those who knew him did not buy the story. Family and friends remember him as a fantastic person who touched the hearts of many through his genuineness.

The family also commissioned an autopsy to be performed independently to know what happened and to take action accordingly. Tyre’s mother revealed that she could not even watch the videos from the surveillance cameras because they were so brutal. Moreover, a friend of Tyre, Antoni, shows that the police officers treated him like a “human piñata” and called the incident “inhumane.”

Bodycam and Camera Surveillance Proof

On Friday, four videos were released, including footage from both street surveillance cameras and police body cameras. These videos show proof of everything and explain what happened during the whole incident, from the initial traffic stop to the violent beating of Tyre at any other location.

The first video is from a body camera and shows Nichols being roughly yanked out to the ground as a police officer approaches the vehicle with his gun drawn. The officers continue to push him to the ground, and one even tasers his leg. Another officer pulls out a pepper spray, and Tyre makes the run.

The second video shows Tyre being violently beaten up by police officers in a different setting. Two officers hold Tyre on the ground while one: repeatedly kicks him and another beats him with a baton. This video is taken from an elevated surveillance camera.

The third video shows bodycam footage and audio of the situation where Tyre is being pepper sprayed.

The fourth video is a surveillance camera at the intersection where Tyre is knocked down while trying to flee the first altercation. The audio from this video also highlights how throughout this whole incident, Nichols was struggling and had trouble breathing. Moreover, it shows that after beating him up, the police left him to fend for himself.

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