Anton Walkes death: The Player Die at 25 in a Boat Crash Near Miami

Anton Walkes’s death ends the lifelong dream of becoming a legendary soccer player. The soccer champion who has been professionally playing the sport for the last nine years had an unfortunate death on a day that was all about casual fun times. Authorities have confirmed the news, and his team Charlotte FC also broke the word out to millions of fans of the player. The entire community is mourning the death of a talent who will not play in the field any time soon.

Anton Walkes death The Player Die at 25 in a Boat Crash Near Miami
Anton Walkes death The Player Die at 25 in a Boat Crash Near Miami

After meticulously building a career that he dreamt of, it was heartbreaking to see the player leave the world so soon. Anton has created sheer dominance with his talent. The soccer fans were only expecting to see more of the player’s talent in the upcoming games but sadly. But this will not be true this time. The curiosity surrounding the incident is rising, and we are sharing the details about Anton Walkes’s death to clarify the situation.

How Did Anton Walkes’s Death Happen?

Anton Walkes’s death happened on 19th January due to a crash of two boats close to the Miami Marine Stadium at 3 pm. He was 25 years old and was found unconscious on Wednesday morning. On 18th January 2023, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers got information about the accident of the two-vessel. The Miami Fire Rescue soon attended the English defender. The team did perform CPR to bring him back to life, but upon learning about his injuries, he was taken to the hospital. Walkes was in critical condition, trying to fight for his life. But the player died on Thursday, leaving behind his family, children, friends, fans, and career.

Currently, an active investigation is ongoing to find out the absolute truth about Anton Walkes’s death. The thorough findings of the inquiry will not be publicly available unless the total result is out. However, one thing was clear: Anton operated one of the boats during its crash. Though authorities didn’t reveal if anyone else was hurt in the accident, more discoveries will be made as the case proceeds toward further investigation.

Who Was Anton Walkes?

Much before Anton Walkes’s death, the world had seen the rise of a successful soccer player. He was an English defender who had proven his dedication to his team. Walkes started his professional career with the English Premier League club Tottenham. As his career progressed, he soon got the chance to play for Portsmouth. However, his most significant win was with Atlanta United in the MLS. He spent as many as three seasons.

He later joined Charlotte FC and was also a part of the club’s debut through the 2022 MLS season. This would have been his second season with the club if such a heartbreaking incident didn’t happen.

Last season, he was a part of 23 matches with 21 starts. He also had five shots on goals that proved his potential. Walkes arrived in Fort Lauderdale along with his teammates on 9th January 2022. He was all excited to represent his team and have a big win.

The defender was going to have his first session of preseason training against a friendly match with St. Louis on Saturday. However, there was a sudden cancellation. Though there was much in line for the defender regarding the upcoming season, Anton Walkes’s death has now impacted his teammates’ spirits. 

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Anton was also a father. He had a daughter named Alya with his girlfriend, Alexis. It is a moment of grief for a family that has just started growing.

Fans and Teams Paying Tribute To Anton Walkes

Zoran Krneta, the sporting director of Charlotte, personally shared his grief after he learned about Anton Walkes’s death. He expressed how good of a father he was. His team, fellow players, and almost everyone who knew Anton was paying tribute.

Fans who have seen Anton all his career have gathered around Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium on Thursday to lay flowers. The stadium displays his image and life journey. It was heart-warming to see how much everyone loved, adored, and respected Anton.

The family is now waiting for the final results of Anton Walkes’s death. Once the doubts are clarified, they will publicly issue the statement. Just like Lisa Marie Presley’s cause of death, we need to look for documents from the authorities.

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