Lisa Presley Autopsy is Complete, But Officials Await Toxicology Results For Cause of Death

It has not been a week yet since the death of Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only daughter’s death. Lisa Presley autopsy results will be complete soon. However, it will not be available as a piece of public information because there are many more findings. The officials need to assess the news first. The family recently announced about hosting of a public memorial for Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral. But because the autopsy results are going to be delayed, fans are worried if that would affect the funeral. Hopefully, that will not be the case since the primary reason behind Lisa’s death is out.

Lisa Presley Autopsy is Complete, But Officials Await Toxicology Results For Cause of Death
Lisa Presley Autopsy is Complete, But Officials Await Toxicology Results For Cause of Death

Health officials are working day and night to determine the critical point that could explain Lisa’s untimely date. So, why is the delay happening? And how much more time do the officials need to reveal Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy details?

Lisa Presley Autopsy Complete, But Why Is There A Delay To Determine The Cause of Death?

Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy results were completed on 14th January, Saturday but health officials are waiting for toxicology results to determine her cause of death. The team will release it to the public after the total effect is ready. The L.A. County Coroner’s office does not have official COD because the toxicology tests are still ongoing. There is no clue how long it might take for the health official to uncover the truth finally.

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But why are they taking a toxicology test? Well, it will help the team to understand what triggered the heart attack in the first place. Since Lisa had a history of substance abuse, the team is focusing on finding out if there was something else in her system during her untimely death. Lisa has previously discussed her battle with drugs and addiction and how arduous the journey was. So, it is essential to have a thorough Lisa Marie Presley autopsy result to determine if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Despite being born into a $100 million empire, Lisa had a miserable life. After four unsuccessful marriages and the death of one of her four children to suicide, she was struggling hard to face reality. Lisa had a lot of pain, so there could be many reasons for her death.

Is Lisa Marie Presley’s Cause of Death Revealed?

What Happened At The Time Of Lisa Marie Presley’s Death?

Lisa Marie Presley died on 12th January 2023 Thursday when she was at her Calabasas, California, home. She was 54 years old when she passed away. Her housekeeper was the first to find the singer unresponsive in her luxurious home. At that time, his ex-husband Danny Keough was also present. He performed CPR until the emergency medical personnel arrived to attend to the crisis.

The first responders did find a pulse after injecting a dose of epinephrine. She was admitted to the hospital, where her family members also came. Lisa was on life support, and the family had to sign a DNR because the condition was critical. But after some time, she was brain-dead. So, Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy will clarify that what led to such a severe condition is a short timeframe.

What Was Lisa Marie Presley’s Cause Of Death?

Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy is yet to disclose the whole truth, but until now, we know that Lisa died due to two massive heart attacks. The first one occurred when she was at home. This led her to be unconscious and in a critical condition. However, while in the hospital on life support, she had a second cardiac arrest. This final attack eventually took her life, and we lost Lisa forever. Soon after, the Presley family broke the news to all their fans. Priscilla herself announced the news.

Lisa and Priscilla had their last attendance at the 2023 Golden Globes Awards on Tuesday. She was in tears after Austin Butler won the award for playing the role of her real-life father, Elvis Presley, in the film Elvis. It was out-of-the-blue news since it came only two days after the happy event.

Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy might uncover certain truths about her death that can only emerge after the toxicology results. It might take a few more days but let us wait until the confirmed details make their way to the public.

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