Look Both Ways 2022 Release Date Confirmed on Netflix

There is a new rom-com headed our way, and it is called Look Both Ways 2022. The Wanuri Kahiu directorial is ready to grace our screens sooner than you may think. Wanuri is a talented director, having won multiple accolades for her work. Therefore, fans are thrilled to see what she brings to this new project. Netflix announced the release date for the upcoming, and eager fans are more excited than ever. Here is everything you need to know about the new romantic comedy.

Ever been stuck at a crossroads in life? Where you see two clear-cut paths but only have to choose one. How do you know which path is the right one? Which path will take you to your idealistic future, and which will lead to a “not-so-ideal” future? Well, the gifted writer, April Prosser, delves right into this tricky perspective. Prosser’s latest work might just explore a new storyline in romantic comedies that still remains untold. 

Graduating from college is a major milestone in every individual’s life. At this point, almost everyone has to make some sort of choice or the other. After college, you finally put into practicality what you want to do and who you wish to be. So many of us may have wondered, “what if I took a different route after college? How different would my life be?” this big “what if” is what this new rom-com aims to address. 

Look Both Ways 2022 makes our protagonist, Natalie, get a “trial-run” into her two possible futures as she prepares for her college graduation. Seems quite perfect right? Well, it is not as simple as it seems.

Look Both Ways 2022 Cast

A major contributor to any movie’s success is its cast. After all, the film is only as good as the on-screen actors. In the case of Look Both Ways 2022, the leading cast definitely does not disappoint. Viewers will get to see some fan favorite faces on their screens.

Look Both Ways 2022 Cast
Look Both Ways 2022 Cast

In the lead, we have Lili Reinhart as Natalie, a fresh college graduate with her whole life in front of her. Reinhart is a popular American actress. Her most recognized role is that of Betty Cooper in Riverdale (the television adaptation of the famous Archie Comics). The actress also won multiple Teens’ Choice Awards for her role, year after year. She also portrayed Annabelle in Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers and Grace Town in Chemical Hearts. 

Joining Lily, we have Danny Ramirez as Gabe. Ramirez is an American actor of Columbina and Mexican descent. He received recognition through his portrayal of Wes in The Gifted and Mario Martinez in On My Block. He also appeared in Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as Joaquin Torres. 

Moreover, David Corenswet joins the cast as Natalie’s love interest. Corenswet graduated from Julliard in 2016 and dived straight into acting. He starred in Ryan Murphy’s The Politician and Hollywood, both of which came under Netflix’s banner. His most recent work is that of David McDougall in We Own This City. 

Andrea Savage plays Rick. Savage is a renowned actress, comedian, and writer. Her notable projects include Step Brothers, Comedy Central’s Dog Bites Man and HBO’s Veep. 

Another addition to the cast is Nia Long plays the character of Lucy. Nia’s popular projects include Boyz n The Hood, The Best Man, and Big Momma’s House, amongst others. The talented actress also won multiple awards, including NAACP Image Awards and American Black Film Festival Awards.

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Joining these talented actors is Aisha Dee as Natalie’s friend and Taylor Murphy as “Fit Woman.” With a stellar cast such as this one, fans are definitely in for an entertaining 2 hours. 

Look Both Ways Release Date

For all the restless fans who have been following this movie ever since its announcement, we have good news for you! Look Both Ways 2022 went into production back in June 2021. After almost 14 months, the film is finally ready for its release. Netflix announced that Look Both Ways 2022 will be available for fans to stream on the platform from August 17th, 2022. Furthermore, the runtime of the movie is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. It should be available for viewers to stream on the platform across the globe.

Look Both Ways Release Date
Look Both Ways Release Date

With less than ten days left for the film’s release, the excitement is at an all-time high. With multiple fan-favourite faces on the screen, the expectations are quite as high as well. We are hopeful that the movie will deliver on its word and provide its viewers with a nice light-hearted escape from reality.  

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Movie Synopsis

Netflix released an official synopsis for the movie recently. “On the evening of her college graduation, Natalie [Lili Reinhart] finds herself in two parallel realities: In one, she becomes pregnant. Therefore, she must navigate motherhood as a young adult in her Texas hometown. Alternatively, the other reality shows her moving to LA to pursue her career. In both journeys throughout her twenties, Natalie experiences life-changing love, devastating heartbreak, and rediscovers herself.”

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Look Both Ways 2022 Trailer 

While we waited for the movie to release, Netflix made sure that its subscribers were satisfied. The streaming platform released the trailer for Look Both Ways 2022 two weeks ago. Ever since its release, the trailer has had almost 3 million views on YouTube. 

Check official trailer:



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