SEAL Team Season 6 – Soon Going to Arrive on Paramount Plus?

Inspired by the elite military unit, SEAL Team Six, the paramount plus series “SEAL Team” is more or less a military show. That aims to delineate the real life struggles of the original group of soldiers working for that unit. As the said unit in question became U.S. Navy’s premier hostage rescue and counter-terrorism unit, the show does it best to reflect situations that these soldiers go through in their daily life that the common people are usually unaware of it. And it is safe to say that its depiction does not disappoint the viewers in any way! Considering the fact that the series has been on the long-run for a quite some time and the SEAL Team Season 6 is luckily up for its premiere too, showcases the series popularity among the global audience.

The great love and support that the show received from their fans has finally prompted Paramount Plus to renew SEAL Team for another Season 6. Seeing that the show was almost cancelled and there was no hope of its renewal on CBS after the fifth season, this great news subsequently made the hearts of the whole fandom soar with joy! Making them patiently wait for the upcoming military entertainment that the said show has in stock for them!

Are you a fan or are you new to SEAL TEAM? Well, sit tight. As we are here with some of the details of the show that you might want to know about the show.

SEAL Team Season 6 – What is “SEAL”?

Before we delve into the details of the show, it is necessary to shed some light on a few of the facts of the show to the people who are new to this fandom!

SEAL Team Season 6 - What is "SEAL"?
SEAL Team Season 6 – What is “SEAL”?

SEAL is actually an acronym that comes from Sea, Air and Land. It is derived from the three environments where the Navy’s special operations forces are trained to operate. After the conflict in Vietnam started to get out of hand in 1962, President John F. Kennedy established the first two Navy SEAL teams out of the already existing UDTs. However, it was best known for the unit that killed off  the terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

The said series is based on this unit and has tried to highlight the military action that goes beyond the closed doors through some fictionalized scenarios that the members of this unit go through everyday. 

SEAL Team Season 6 – Almost Cancelled?

Did you know that Season 6 was almost cancelled because of the low ratings that it got in Season 5 on CBS? Seeing that the first four episodes got an average of a 0.39 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.47 million viewers. Which is quite low, if you ask me! Especially, if you compare it with Season 4 ratings:

  • Decreased 19% in demographics
  • Decreased 12% in viewership

Like it or not, ratings are indicative of the show’s progress. It is crystal clear that SEAL Team was not on a great track in that regard.

The Unexpected Renewal

After the underwhelming response that Season 5 of SEAL Team received, most of the fans assumed that renewal would not be possible in this case and were sure that it was the ultimate end for the series! 

The response from the Executive producer and SEAL Team’s lead actor David Boreanaz was not promising as well. As he shared his thoughts about renewal in his interview with TVLine that:

“Well, listen. I’m an optimistic person… [but] there’s nothing official. I do know that we’ve done great for Paramount +, and I’ll just leave it there”.

However, an unexpected turn took place! As it was announced that the sixth season has now been renewed on Paramount Plus. The announcement for renewal was made around February 2022 and it is set to be premiered in early 2023. 

Moreover, this is going to be the second season of SEAL Team that is airing on Paramount Plus.

New Characters

Surprise! We have got some more news for you all. Drum roll, please. 

SEAL Team is going to feature new characters in its forthcoming season. Yes, you have heard that right, people!

Moreover, the newcomer is none other than the star, Raffi Barsoumian from Legends of Tomorrow! He is going to appear in the sixth season as a regular on the Paramount Plus series.

The said actor would play Omar, who as reported by Deadline Hollywood, is:

“A Senior Chief with 15 years of experience as a SEAL. The son of Syrian immigrants, Omar has a deep understanding of the Middle East, and calls upon that knowledge to help navigate missions in the region”.

The actor, Raffi Barsoumian, most recent work was as an evil genius Bishop on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Besides that, one of his other phenomenal works was in television series The Vampire Diaries and The Code.

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