Locke And Key Season 4 potential Release Date on Netflix

Locke And Key is a series belonging to the genre of drama, fantasy, horror, mystery and thriller. The series began with the tagline, “New Magic Will Be Forged.” The series became an instant hit, and it has two wins and ten nominations. The story revolves around three Locke siblings whose faster is murdered under mysterious circumstances. After the murder, they and their mother moved to their ancestral home. In the home, they discover keys that might connect with their father’s death. Also, the children go around exploring different keys. However, in the process, they end up mysterious, awakening demons. The series has successfully completed three seasons, and the fans are waiting for Locke And Key Season 4. 

Is Locke And Key Season 4 Happening?

If you are waiting for Locke And Key Season 4, you shouldn’t wait anymore. It is because Locke And Key Season 4 is not happening. Previously, the series enjoyed a double renewal by Netflix. Locke And Key were renewed for both the second and the third season. In fact, the series went for back-to-back filming. The filming of the same started in September 2020. 

Is Locke And Key Season 4 Happening?
Is Locke And Key Season 4 Happening?

However, in April 2022, Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill, the show’s executive producers, confirmed that the third season would be the series’ final season. Hence, the adventure of the Locke family came to an end with the third season and Locke And Key Season 4 is not happening. 

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Also, the narrative reached its natural ending. Therefore, it made sense for the makers to end the series in the third season. Further, the executive producers explained that while making the series, they realized that three seasons is the ideal length of the series to bring everything to a natural conclusion. 

Can You Expect More Locke And Key?

Even though Locke And Key Season 4 might not be happening, one cannot help but wonder whether more Locke and Key will be happening on Netflix or not. According to reports, after the third season, no more Locke And Key are happening anymore on Netflix. 

However, the ending of the third season was such that there is ample scope to build further stories on it. Therefore, in future, if the cast and crew ever plan to reunite for an additional series, it would be easier for the makers to craft a new story. 

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Also, one needs to note that Netflix has television rights to both The Sandman and Locke and Key. Therefore, the two might be reunited to craft an altogether new series. However, it will take some time if it ever happens. Considering the fact that both of the series have strong reviews, Netflix can always go for spin-offs. 

Reception Of Locke And Key

Even though the data on whether the third season managed to bring any new subscribers to Netflix or not is unknown, we can clearly say that its viewership was good. The viewership of Locke And Key Season 3 was so good that Netflix could have easily gone for another season. However, it is not rare for Netflix to cancel a series after three seasons because it is extremely problematic to capture the viewers’ attention after the third season. 

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Also, the reception of the series was quite good amongst both the viewers and the critics. It has a good rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Further, it won’t get nominations from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, USA, Directors Guild of Canada, People’s Choice Awards, USA and many more. Even though the reception was good and the viewership was good, too, the series had to end because it received its natural ending by the third season. 

To sum it up, Locke And Key Season 4 is not happening!


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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