What Is Lil Tjay Net Worth?

Tione Jayden Merritt, professionally known as Lil Tjay, has made his name in the music industry as an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Rising to fame as his music began to chart at the top positions, Lil Tjay net worth simultaneously started to increase. So, to learn about his financial standing, let’s dive into the details. 

Lil Tjay Net Worth

Lil Tjay net worth is roughly estimated to be $600,000. He has a huge fan following, as millions of people are obsessed with his music. His Instagram account has 8.9 million followers, while 5.69 million admirers have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Hence, it is not surprising that this rising star has a spectacular net worth. It comes from his album sales, songs, and successful projects. A considerable chunk of his income also comes through his YouTube channel, as he gets $400 in revenue for one video.

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An Overview of His Career

Lil Tjay net worth has increased because of his successful music career. The drastic shift occurred in the budding artist’s life in 2017 with the release of his first solo song, “Resume,” on SoundCloud and his debut EP, “No Comparison.” His song Resume was a huge hit, and his self-made video in his home added more value to this song. The video featured Tjay smoking and hanging around in his small apartment.

What Is Lil Tjay Net Worth?
What Is Lil Tjay Net Worth?

Gaining fame with his first song, the rising star further released the game-changing track “Brothers.” That was not it; Lil Tjay signed a record deal with Columbia Records the same year. The real reward of his diligence came when his first debut album, “True 2 Myself,” ranked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2019. In the following year, he treated us to the mixtape “State of Emergency,” featuring drill artists solely from New York City.

Moreover, Tjay participated in the live showcase “Coast 2 Coast Live.” His performance was phenomenal, and the judges loved him greatly. He also released a song titled “Pop Out,” featuring Polo G. The song blew up on YouTube and has received 338,292,105 million views.

He went on to release “FN,” his second album. The song with the same name in the album turned 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. Recently, he has released another studio album, 222, which is a follow-up to his 2021 album Destined 2 Win.

Lil Tjay: Personal Details

Born on April 30, 2001, in the Bronx, New York City, Lil Tjay is only 22. Tjay had a rough childhood, as he grew up participating in street fights and committing petty thefts. He even ended up in a Youth Detention Center at 15. Moreover, Tjay faced criminal charges for committing robbery. As a consequence, he was locked up in prison for a year. However, he used his time in prison to hone his skills as a rapper. Also, Tjay has loved music since his childhood. He grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Usher.

What Is Lil Tjay Net Worth?
What Is Lil Tjay Net Worth?

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Now, he likes to spend most of his time sipping wine in jets or hanging around Lamborghini. At least, that is what his Instagram shows. It seems that the music star loves cars and is obsessed with them. He even owns the Rolls-Royce Wraith, which retails for over $360k. Moreover, he also owns a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and a Lamborghini Urus.

Romantic Life

Lil Tjay dated Lala Baptiste, a model from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. They fell in love in 2020 but could not live happily ever after and parted ways in 2022. Lala played the role of Tjay’s love in his music video for Mood Swings. In 2020, Lala disclosed via her YouTube channel that she had a boyfriend. However, she did not reveal his identity. During the same period, Tjay appeared on Lala’s Instagram Lives several times, which confirmed that Lil Tjay was her boyfriend.

Lil Tjay and Lala Baptiste
Lil Tjay and Lala Baptiste

Lala and Tjay were happy and had taken over each other’s Instagram. Later, the two stopped following one another. Thus, fans assumed that the two split up. Lala did not directly acknowledge the breakup. Nonetheless, she did say that none of the issues was her fault.

In addition, Tjay was dating Lala’s best friend, Rubi Rose, before her in 2020. Afterwards, when Rose and Tjay fought, he started hanging out with Lala. Rose addressed this backstabbing in a tweet on Twitter. 

Lastly, whatever situations Lil Tay faces, one thing is sure: he is a fighter and does not let anything influence his passion for music. Half a decade has passed since his debut, and the continuous surge in his fan following is evidence of his success in the musical realm. As he has amassed a significant fortune, we hope Lil Tjay’s incredible talent gets him everything he deserves.

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