Leonardo DiCaprio New Girlfriend: Who is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Now? Introducing His New Love

In the latest Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend update, the Oscar winner now has a new girl in his life, and she is younger than anyone could expect. The rumors have surfaced since the pair were publicly spending time together. The Titanic star enjoys a reputation for dating models who are within the 25 years age group. But no one could imagine Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend would be this young. The age gap between Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend and the star did infuriate social media users. Thus, this is all the internet can talk about now.

The actor has also been in a romantic relationships with many top industry names. But his love life and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend list caught the most attention after he chose to date younger girls and became viral. So, who is Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend, and has the couple confirmed the news?

Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio New Girlfriend? Meet Eden Polani

Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend is Eden Polani, a 19-year-old Israeli model. She is signed to IT Models and has more than 200,000 Instagram followers. Before allegedly dating Leonardo, Eden was in a relationship with Gil Ofer, the son of famous Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer. The actor and Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend was spotted sitting at the grand release part of Ebony Riley’s new EP in Los Angeles.

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However, the thing that concerns the fans most about Leonardo DiCaprio, the new girlfriend, is the age difference. Eden was born on 21st March 2003 and is currently 19 years old. Though she is soon to be 20, Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend and the Inception star have a 29-year age gap. On 11th November 1974, the future Hollywood star was born, which makes him 48 years old. So, the disturbing age difference between the alleged couple makes everyone frown.

Leonardo DiCaprio New Girlfriend Who is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Now Introducing His New Love
Leonardo DiCaprio New Girlfriend Who is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Now Introducing His New Love

Moreover, Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend wasn’t the first Israeli model that the star chose to date. He had a long-term relationship with Bar Refaeli from 2006 to 2011. So, Leo did date women close to his age before dating women much younger than him.

What Happened With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Victoria Lamas?

In September, Leonardo split from his then-girlfriend Camilla Monroe. She was 25 years old, again validating the claims about Leo’s dating preferences in women. A few days back, before Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend news became the internet’s favorite topic, DiCaprio was having a romantic affair with Victoria Lamas.

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The daughter of American actor Lorenzo Lamas was seen having a good time in West Hollywood back in December. Interestingly, Lorenzo once said in an interview that his daughter was smitten with the talented actor. Being an actress herself, it was Lorenzo who did confirm the relationship with the New York Post. However, they were no longer caught hanging out secretly or having personal moments after that. Like all other women Leo dated, Victoria falls into the 25 years club as she is only 23 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend may not be that famous, but just in November back, rumors were there that Leo was dating Gigi Hadid. They were hanging out in groups and were casually trying to get to know each other deeply. Gigi was probably the only rumored girlfriend who was above 25 years old. But now, Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend’s age is leading to criticism.

Twitter Reacts To The Age Different Between Leonardo and His New Girlfriend

Fans were raging when they learned about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend’s age. They are voicing their opinions on Twitter and grilling the star dating a girl close to his daughter’s age.

One Twitter user said the Academy Award winner is almost 50, and his new girl wasn’t even born when Titanic made its first screen debut.

Some even pointed out that Leonardo may start dating a teenager real soon.

“Predictably, as soon as people point out that Leonardo DiCaprio dating a teenager isn’t okay, a bunch of dudes leaps to his defense with “They’re both adults!”, and true, but I don’t think the threshold for acceptable behavior towards women should be “But is it criminal?”

Well, there are a lot of talks going on.

Another user even posted a photo of The Last Of Us stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey and captioned it, “Just for some context, these two are the same ages as Leonardo DiCaprio & his new girlfriend.”

So, it is pretty weird to see Leo dating someone younger than half his age.

However, a source recently said that Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend rumors are false. Di Caprio and Polani aren’t dating.

As of now, Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend and the Great Gatsby star didn’t confirm their relationship yet. His fans are still hoping that this news isn’t accurate, and hopefully, we will get to know soon!

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