Katie Holmes Net Worth in 2022

Katie Holmes is one of the most famous Hollywood stars known for their beauty and talent. Many movies and shows starring her have received nominations, awards, and critical acclamation, making her one of the richer showbiz celebrities. Read on to find out what exactly is Katie Holmes net worth.

Katie Holmes Early Life

Katie was born in 1978 in Ohio to parents Kathleen and Martin Joseph Holmes Sr. Holmes was a brilliant student throughout her school life. Everyone thought she would pursue a degree with a 4.0 GPA, exceptional SAT score, and an acceptance letter to Columbia University. However, Holmes had other plans. Her debut film was The Ice Storm, but she emerged in the public eye when she starred as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003).

Katie Holmes Early Life
Katie Holmes Early Life

Is Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Still Together?

Foxx and Holmes is a mystery that has never been solved. Though it was never announced officially, the two were seen together many times. The first time Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes appeared together was in 2013, a year after Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise when they danced together at Hampton’s party. Although the couple denied any rumors of dating, they hung out together many times over six years until 2019.

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In 2017, Katie visited Foxx in Paris, where he was filming his movie Robin Hood (sources claim Tom Cruise was filming the sixth installment of his Mission Impossible series just a few blocks away!). At same year, the two were also seen together enjoying their alone time in Malibu and later enjoying Foxx’s 50th birthday party. In 2018, although they arrived at the Pre-Grammy Gala separately, they sat together throughout the show.

Despite all these instances, the couple has strictly denied every claim every time it came up. Their media team has always stuck to the story that they’re two single adults who like to spend time together as friends.

Is Katie Holmes in a Relationship?

In early 2022, Katie Holmes confirmed long-term rumors confirming her relationship with the Grammy-nominated musician Bobby Wooten III. The couple was strolling through Central Park, embracing and holding each other’s hands.

Tom Cruise Divorce Settlement

The power couple of Hollywood was together for six years and had a daughter.

The Hollywood couple started dating in 2005, and Holmes also claimed at the same time that she was converting to Scientology. Things seemed to be heating up and getting serious fast when the two became engaged to be married. Katie got pregnant just five months into dating. They welcomed their daughter in April 2006, and in November 2006, they married each other in a beautiful wedding ceremony just seven months later.

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The couple seemed happy in their relationship for six straight years when their decision to break up suddenly surprised everyone, appearing to come out of nowhere. The couple did not give out any details of their split, and the affair was incredibly secret. However, sources claim that one of the reasons, among many others, behind their split was Holmes not wanting their daughter Suri to grow up in the Scientology religion.

Katie Holmes Personal Life

Katie Holmes claimed her first love was her Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson.

After her breakup with him, she met Chris Kline, who also dated her for more than two years. Although their relationship didn’t work out, the two remain friendly.

Katie Holmes also dated and married Tom Cruise for six years from 2005 to 2012, and after their split, she was rumored to be dating Jamie Foxx from 2013 to 2019.

Katie Holmes Personal Life
Katie Holmes Personal Life

In 2020, Katie Holmes appeared in the public eye with the chef Vitolo with whom she was together for a year from 2020 to 2021.

Currently, she is dating the composer Bobby Wooten III.

Other Projects and Pursuits

Katie Holmes has appeared in advertisements, modeled, and launched her business clothing line along with her acting career. She also runs a charity.

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Dawson’s Creek Salary

Katie Holmes was the best friend of Dawson, the main character in Dawson’s Creek. She appeared in all episodes of the seasons. In the initial few episodes, she received only $35,000 per episode, but when the show took off, she received up to $175,000 for each episode.

Acting Career

The American actress moved from Ohio to Los Angeles when she was cast as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek. That set off her decorated career, and she appeared in many other movies such as ‘Abandon,’ ‘Phone Booth, ‘The Singing Detective,’ ‘Batman Begins, ‘Jack and Jill, ‘Oceans Eight’ alongside many famous co-stars such as Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr., Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Michael Keaton, etc.

Katie Holmes Net Worth

After a very successful Hollywood career, Katie Holmes Net Worth currently stands at an astounding $25 million.

Katie Holmes Net Worth
Katie Holmes Net Worth
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