Julia Roberts divorce News is Real or Hoax? Fact Check

Is there trouble in paradise? Are Julia Roberts and Danny Moder splitting up after 20+ years of marriage? Well, there are several rumors circulating around the couple currently, and we’re here to answer all your questions. Keep reading to find out about Julia Roberts divorce and whether the news is real or just a hoax! 

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder met in 2000 and married in New Mexico two years later, in July 2002. They are one of Hollywood’s longest-running couples, and their love life seems too good to be true! Recently, rumors of the two splitting up have been all over the news. But are they real? 

Julia Roberts Divorce 

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have faced several ups and downs in their 20-year-long marriage. However, sources recently told us that they’d hit yet another bump. This bump was thought to be enough to cause Julia Roberts divorce. 

An insider had previously informed us that the couple secretly lives away from each other. They also added that the 52-year-old cinematographer was recently seen leaving an L.A. hotel with a gloomy expression. However, the couple did post cute romantic pictures on their anniversary. But the source claims it was just a part of keeping up appearances! 

Julia Roberts divorce News is Real or Hoax Fact Check
Julia Roberts divorce News is Real or Hoax Fact Check

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Furthermore, the favorite Hollywood couple has very different personalities. “Danny’s very laid-back, and Julia’s a total type-A,” said the source. But these days, they just don’t seem to be getting along.

“They squabble over the most trivial things,” the source remarked. “Julia and Danny both have enormous egos that keep getting in the way of their happiness.” 

Fortunately, Julia Roberts divorce did not happen! She did not split up with her husband, Danny, and the two are still happily married. 

Julia and Danny have had a complicated relationship since the beginning. When she met Danny, she was with Benjamin Bratt while Danny was married! However, he divorced his wife in 2002 and married Julia a few months later! 

George Clooney Steps In 

Some sources claim that George Clooney is to thank for Julia and Danny’s happy marriage! It is said that the couple was in deep trouble until their old pal Clooney stepped in! According to sources, Clooney spoke with Julia and asked her to be gentle with Danny. The couple’s marriage faced much pressure due to Julia’s demanding film schedule and Danny’s desire to keep a low profile and enjoy surfing rather than joining his wife on the red carpet. This greatly helped stop Julia Roberts divorce from happening.

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George Clooney Steps In 
George Clooney Steps In

“It’s known among their friends that 2022 has been a tough year,” reported RadarOnline. “It’s thanks to good friends like George that they’re back on track.” The site’s source added, “Julia puts on a brave face, but for months their friends have been openly talking about them spending less time together.”

“They’re devoted parents [to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 18, and Henry, 15] with a lot of love for each other still. But Danny is a surfer at heart and does not want to be Julia’s arm candy. He does not care much about the spotlight and other worldly desires! “

Have Danny Or Julia Spoken About Their Differences?

Both Danny nor Julia have publicly commented on the issues they were facing, and all the information we’ve gathered is through private sources. 

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Whatever issues the couple may have faced did not result in Julia Roberts divorce, and she is happily married to her husband! We hope the two stay together until death do them apart, as we can’t picture our ideal Hollywood couple splitting.


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