What is Like Nastya Net Worth? How Much Does She Earn Every Month?

Like Nastya net worth has made the YouTube star a millionaire at a young age. Anastasia Radzinskaya, aka Nastya or Stacy, is a Russian-American YouTuber with multiple YouTube channels. She has launched her YouTube career and makes content for her global audience. Her main YouTube channel, Like Nastya, is the world’s 5th most-viewed and 7th most-subscribed. As a matter of fact, Like Nastya is only one of the many channels that she and her parents run together. Anastasia’s multiple YouTube endeavors have created the impressive Like Nastya net worth we see today.

The journey to create an empire and the massive Like Nastya net worth had a humble start. But her loyal fanbase has helped the YouTuber achieve all the dreams she had in her life. So, how much fortune did Nastya make over the years as a YouTube celebrity? You will undoubtedly be shocked to see the Like Nastya net worth figures.

What Is Like Nastya Net Worth? 

Like Nastya net worth is $260 million, and she earns from YouTube’s advertising revenues and multiple brand endorsements. Since she has several YouTube channels, namely Like Nastya, Like Nastya Vlog, Like Nastya ESP, Like Nastya Show, and more, Like Nastya net worth keeps growing.

How Much Does Like Nastya Earn Every Month?

Nastya makes more than $400,000 monthly and over $5 million a year from her main channel, contributing to the Like Nastya net worth. If we add all her YouTube Ad revenue earnings from the different channels, she makes $80 million from her YouTube career. As she is an influential figure, many brands collaborate with her. So, here is a breakdown of Nastya’s earnings over the years:

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  • USD 109 Million in 2021
  • USD 86 Million in 2020
  • USD 20 Million in 2019
  • USD 4 Million in 2018
  • USD 1 Million in 2017
  • USD 300,000 in 2016
What is Like Nastya Net Worth? How Much Does She Earn Every Month?
What is Like Nastya Net Worth? How Much Does She Earn Every Month?

Who Is Like Nastya?

Anastasia Radzinskaya was born on 27th January 2014, in Krasnodar Krai, Southern Russia, to her mother, Anna, and father, Sergey. Her mother had her bridal salon in Krasnodar, whereas Sergey owned a small construction company. Moreover, when she was young, Anastasia was wrongly diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Doctors even claimed that Stacy may not ever speak again. But later, she recovered and now has this massive Like Nastya net worth.

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Interestingly, to make the lucrative Like Nastya net worth, Anastasia’s parents chose to sell their businesses in 2015. They should have used more time and created the first YouTube channel in January 2016. It became such a huge success, and Like Nastya’s net worth rapidly increased. Soon, the family moved to Miami, Florida, and settled there.

Now, Anastasia’s content that makes Like Nastya net worth consists of unboxing, vlogging, educational and entertainment videos, and day in their life type of videos. In 2019, Forbes listed Anastasia as “one of the world’s fastest-growing creators, thanks to videos in seven languages.” Currently, her audiences are from all over the world. The contents are dubbed into French, Portuguese, Hindi, Bangla, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and many other languages. Her secondary channels have combined subscribers of more than 185 million. Anastasia’s parents signed with Yoola, a multi-channel network, to expand Like Nastya net worth. Later they partnered with the social media company Jellysmack.

The family is making the most of Anastasia’s popularity. They use the Like Nastya net worth to create multiple businesses. Anastasia launched Nastya’s merch and NFT collection named “Nastya’s Originals,” which makes extra millions of dollars. 

The success of the young YouTube star has made her a famous global personality. Like Nastya net worth is likely to increase as fans are excited to get more content from the YouTuber. So, the future is set!

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