Is Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 Release Date Announced Netflix?

Bee And Puppy Cat is finally available on Netflix. For those curious, the first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. Now the critical question is, what is the status of Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3? If you have enjoyed the first two seasons, you are in for a treat. It is because the chances of Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 happening are incredibly high. Keep reading to know more about the third season of Bee And Puppy Cat. 

Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3: Release Date 

Bee And Puppy Cat, an adult animated series, was first released in 2013. Later, a second season was rolled out in 2020. Later, Netflix came into the picture with three additional episodes for the series and packaged everything with Lazy in Episodes. The entire rebooted series was then available for Netflix viewers in 2022. 

Because the series was just out in 2022 on Netflix, it is too early to comment on Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3. At the time of writing, Netflix has neither confirmed nor canceled the series. However, it has an IMDB rating of 8.2 with a massive popular base. This factor increases the renewal of Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3. According to many sources, Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 will be released on 5th September 2023 and house 16 episodes. But remember that this information has yet to be officially confirmed. 

Cast of Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 

If all the voice cast of the series return for Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3, it will include the following names:

Allyn Rachel as Bee

Oliver as PuppyCat

Kent Osborne as Deckard 

Alexander James as Cardamon 

Ashly Burch as Cas Wizard

Arin Hanson as Omelette 

Alexander James Rodriguez as Cardamn 

Terri Hawkes as Toast 

Tom Sandoval as Crispin Wizard

Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3: Plot 

Is Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 Release Date Announced Netflix?
Is Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 Release Date Announced Netflix?

The series’ story revolves around Bee, an unemployed woman. She lives her life generally until PuppyCat enters her life. Then, their adventure between reality and Fishbowl Space begins. In the last episode of the second season, magical hands attack the island while Puppycat tries to restart the ship. Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 will pick the plot from this ending if it happens. Of course, just like in the previous seasons, we will also see many other major series characters in danger in the upcoming episodes. 

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An official plot for the third season is not available. However, we will update this section once it is available after its renewal.

According to a clip making the rounds on the internet, the protagonists will expand the universe. They will struggle to pay their rent in a timely fashion and, at the same time, will encounter many challenging issues. 

Where To Watch The Series?

As discussed above, the series’ first two seasons are streaming on Netflix. The upcoming season will again stream on Netflix if it is confirmed. 


The trailer of Bee And Puppy Cat Season 3 has yet to be out. We expect a trailer for the third season only after a release date is confirmed because this is what usually happens.

Previously, the series was nominated for Breakthrough Series – Short Form in Gotham Independent Film Award and Best Animated Series in The Streamy Award. Like the original ones, even the reboot won the viewers’ hearts. Therefore, you can keep your hopes high for the third season.

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