Uncovering Jonathan Owens Net Worth: A Look into the Finances of NFL Star

The American NFL player Jonathan Owens net worth is $7 million. He started his journey by playing football during his college days at Missouri Western. He is one of the most prominent NFL players with a hopeful future. Jonathan Owens currently wears jersey number 36 and plays with Houston Texans. As per the latest news, he is presently dating Simone Biles, the famous American gymnast. Keep reading to know more about his professional career and his way of increasing his net worth. 

Jonathan Owens Early Career

Jonathan Owens was born on 22 July 1995. Arthurine Cannon, his mother, played a significant role in shaping his career as an NFL player. His initial career had a downward trajectory. However, later when he was at Missouri Western State, he surprised everyone with his skills. 

Despite his skills, we went undrafted for the Arizona Cardinals only. However, even that was not a success because of his knee injury. The Cardinals ended their tenure with Jonathan Owens because of his knee injury. 

Even after the knee injury, Jonathan Owens did not stop practicing. He kept practicing in the public part. Later, he underwent multiple knee surgeries allowing him to play a game back in 2019. Then, in 2020, he played six more games. After his long struggle, he finally got promoted to become an active roster.

Consequently, he made his debut in the Houston Texans Game. The contract was two years long. In January 2022, he again suffered from a dislocated wrist, after which he was placed on injured reserve. 

Jonathan Owens could have had a more successful career if he did not suffer from these injuries. It would be right to say that his injuries have slowed down his professional career a bit. 

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Jonathan Owens Net Worth 

According to multiple sources, Jonathan Owens net worth is about $7 million. However, there are also reports claiming that his net worth can also be around $50 million. Let us now see where his net worth comes from. 

Uncovering Jonathan Owens Net Worth A Look into the Finances of NFL Star
Uncovering Jonathan Owens Net Worth A Look into the Finances of NFL Star

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In 2020, a contract between Jonathan Owens and Texans stood at a value of $1,390,000. With a base salary of $780,000, his annual salary is somewhere around $695,000. Currently, there is no information regarding the money he makes by endorsement and how much of it is a part of Jonathan Owens net worth. 

Why Are Fans Wondering About Jonathan Owens Net Worth?

When he started his career in 2018, Jonathan Owens net worth was $2 million. It doubled in 2020 when his net worth became $4.2 million. In an interval of just three years, his net worth jumped to $7 million. 

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People started wondering about Jonathan Owens net worth after the engagement picture of the couple went viral. In the viral picture, Simone Bile was seen flaunting an 8-carat engagement ring. According to sources, the cost of the ring is approximately $300k. The cost of the ring sparked interest amongst the fans to know his net worth.  

A Look At Jonathan Owens Assets 

It is important to note that Jonathan Owens net worth comes not only from the money that he earns but also from the assets he owns. Most of Jonathan Owens assets include many real estate properties and cars.

He resides in Houston with his girlfriend. Apart from Houston, he also owns properties in places like Missouri and Arizona. 

As per our knowledge, Jonathan Owens has at least four cars in his collection. He has a Mercedes, Toyota, Land Rover, and a Ford. These also play a huge role in Jonathan Owens net worth.

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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Engagement 

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Engagement 
Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Engagement

Jonathan Owens got engaged to Simone Biles in February 2022. The duo made their relationship public in 2020. The couples who were in love looked very happy after the engagement. Biles, in fact, said that it was the easiest yes of her life.

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