What is Dr Anca Faur Net Worth? What She Does For Living?

The gossip surrounding Dr Anca Faur net worth began after she started dating famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin. She has been in the limelight primarily because of her relationship with Buzz, the Apollo 11 lunar lander Eagle pilot. His high honor and prestige have always made him famous. So, when he and Dr. Anca Faur became a couple, it became a media frenzy. Things escalated to a new level after the former US astronaut married Dr. Anca for the fourth time on 23rd January 2023. She has been Buzz’s long-time girlfriend, and the couple had a Los Angeles wedding soon after Buzz’s birthday on 20th January. After the marriage, all the attention is on her life and profession. 

What is Dr Anca Faur Net Worth What She Does For Living
What is Dr Anca Faur Net Worth What She Does For Living

So, Dr Anca Faur net worth, her involvements, and more details of her career are being searched to learn more about the newlywed star’s wife. She has been a successful individual in her life and earns millions. How much is the exact figure, and what does she do in 2023?

What Is Dr Anca Faur Net Worth?

Dr Anca Faur net worth is a staggering $2 million in 2023. Since she is the vice President of Buzz Aldrin Ventures LLC, her husband’s business, she receives a massive sum of money from her position. She is among the senior-most business classes, and thus, her returns are more significant. Anca also has several high-end industry stocks that add up to her earnings. Moreover, Anca is a physician by profession, which did help her to make a considerable sum of income. Her added payments do come from her years of involvement in the medical field.

What Does Dr. Anca Faur Do For Living?

Dr. Anca Faur’s net worth was relatively high even before she dated Buzz. After completing her studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, she started training and practicing privately. The 63-year-old Anca worked at Union Carbide full-time after completing her doctorate. After being a senior research and development engineer for around four years, she had a well-deserved promotion. Dr. Anca became the R&D Project Leader, and in just three months of her promotion, she started taking complete control of the role. 

But a bigger and better change came when she quit her position in 2000 when she got the job of application scientist at Johnson Matthey. Though she started slow at the beginning, she became the Catalyst Development Manager in a matter of 18 months. She was in the company for four and a half years before switching the company.

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She became the Treasurer of the California Hydrogen Business Council in 2014. Dr. Anca Faur’s net worth increased after becoming a board member of the same company. But when she started dating Buzz Aldrin, she got a significant position of Vice President at Buzz Aldrin Ventures LLC in April 2019. Besides, she is also a member of her now-husband’s company board. Dr. Anca resigned from her VP role in 2019 and then resigned from the CHBC board in December 2020. Her main intention was to grow the business for her husband. 

Where Is Anca Faur Currently Working?

Dr. Anca Faur’s net worth has increased with her career as a program manager. She did have a position on many company boards and also attended the 70th International Astronautical Congress of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She even went to the Astronaut Reunion and the Association of Space Explore XXXII Planetary Congress in Houston in October 2019. But currently, she is using all her resources and knowledge to take Buzz’s business to new heights. After that, Anca became the Executive VP again in Buzz’s company, and she has been looking after all the essential aspects since then. She is still a board member and continues to improve the company’s operations.

Now that we have a clear idea of Dr. Anca Faur’s net worth and what she does for a living, the false notions about her will be clarified. Her fortune will keep growing as she is a member of one of the world’s leading companies. Hopefully, we will see a new and improved net worth soon enough!

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