Who is Dorothy Wang? Does she has Net Worth in “Millions” of Dollars?

If you are a Bling Empire fan, you are probably searching all about Dorothy Wang’s net worth. The famous Netflix reality show putting the life of wealthy Asian families on display, Dorothy Wang net worth became a major internet-worthy topic after gaining all the spotlight from the show. She is a reality TV star who was, until the recent past, known for being the daughter of wealthy parents. Now that Bling Empire: New York has been released, Dorothy’s life will be more under the radar of public scrutiny. The curiosity about Dorothy Wang’s net worth and how she became rich is ever-expanding.

Does Dorothy Wang Has Net Worth in Millions” of Dollars
Does Dorothy Wang Has Net Worth in Millions” of Dollars

Though Dorothy was never unknown to the media craze, the talks about Dorothy Wang’s net worth started just recently after the Netflix reality series. We have seen the boss lady splurging on expensive gifts and making extravagant investments. So, where does all of this wealth come from? And how much is Dorothy Wang’s net worth? We have done all the research so that you can find every detail you have been looking for.

What Is Dorothy Wang Net Worth?

Dorothy Wang’s net worth is a whopping $10 million. She is a socialite and reality TV star who is the daughter of Roger Wang, a self-made billionaire with a $2.5 billion net worth. Her father is the former CEO of the famous Golden Eagle International Group. So, Dorothy Wang’s net worth will be a significant figure after inheriting her father’s fortune. Moreover, she had earned quite a worth from her involvement in reality shows. Extensive fat checks keep coming to expand Dorothy’s overall wealth.

Who Is Dorothy Wang? Know About Her Early Life

Dorothy Wang’s net worth was in the millions even when she was born on 27th January 1988 in Beverly Hills. Since she was the loving child of Roger and Vivian Wang, she had all the luxuries in her life. Dorothy also has a sister named Janice, and she got her degree in communications from the University of Southern California. Roger is the primary shareholder of the Golden Eagle International Group. Thus, the reality star never has to worry about making that impressive Dorothy Wang net worth.

She did spend much time traveling and in nightclubs. But when she was only 12 years old, she was chosen to become the Goodwill Ambassador for the Nanjing Charity League, making her the youngest person to receive such an honor. Dorothy Wang’s net worth since her youthful days did have much influence, and she continues her charity work. She is only hoping to help more people in the future.

Dorothy Wang Career

Dorothy Wang’s net worth became famous after she started posting her photos with the hashtag #richkidsofinstagram. This did catch the attention of notable producers, and soon she was in the cast of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. The show debuted on 19th January 2014, and Dorothy was a cast member for all four seasons. Dorothy Wang’s net worth slowly increased with her involvement in the entertainment industry. She even produced the final season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Then she became a part of Famously Single, an E! series.

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Fans also refer to her as a beauty with a brain. During the initial days of growing Dorothy Wang’s net worth, she was a fashion correspondent at the famous The Steve Harvey Show in 2014. She was a co-host on the Fetch Me A Date, a Facebook Watch Show in 2019. Dorothy Wang’s net worth came from her multiple reality TV appearances like Fetch Me A Date, Hollywood Today, Bethenny, Entertainment Tonight, Clevver Now, Closet Envy, and more. She even launched her jewelry line named Fabuluxe along with a champagne brand, Rich and Bubbly.

Dorothy was working in The Agency, which was a real estate firm. She has tried many things in her career, including an internship for Travis Smiley at PBS. Later, she had her China visit. Recently, Dorothy Wang net worth exploded after her appearance in season 2 of Bling Empire, a Netflix reality show. Her next project is with Netflix only, from the same franchise as Bling Empire. The Bling Empire: New York is her latest work, and fans are excited to see what’s coming their way.

Dorothy Wang’s net worth is likely to rise even in the upcoming days, given that she has massive exposure to the world of business and entertainment. Fans are only excited to see what more projects she will be involved in.

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