Who is Jason Sudeikis dating?

Jason Sudeikis has been part of another controversy with his ex-partner, Olivie Wilde. They ended their relationship a while ago and continued to follow the terms of co-parenting. But according to some reports, he is still not done with Olivia Wilde. Which brings us to the most important question; who is Jason Sudeikis dating? To find out, continue reading the article!

The Ted Lasso star has been in several serious relationships in the past. And most of them have ended up in break-ups. However, after his split with Olivia Wilde, he became a more private person. And ever since, he has barely put anything out for the public to criticize him on. But when you are a mainstream celebrity, somehow bits and pieces of your life do slip out. 

Is Jason Sudeikis dating?

When the scandal involving Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde surfaced on the web, it was a breaking point for the couple. During these testing times, Jason Sudeikis turned to Keeley Hazell for comfort. At that time, they were pretty close. Apparently, Jason also confirmed that he had had a crush on her for quite some time now. Keeley herself is an accomplished actor. Some fans were keen enough to notice that the couple had even started living together. 

Is Jason Sudeikis dating?
Is Jason Sudeikis dating?

However, after some time, the sources close to them confirmed that they were nothing more than just friends. And the bond was strictly platonic. But the pictures that came out in June 2021 said otherwise. Moreover, some fans also noticed that Jason Sudeikis accepted one of his awards sitting in the same room that Keeley once posted a picture of. So, are they really a couple? Well, this is for them to reveal!

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Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have once again made some bizarre headlines. This time they have gone viral for certain statements issued by the nanny of their kids. And people on social media are really having a field trip with all these articles! According to the hired nanny, the tension between the couple started when Olivia began working on her next big project, ‘Don’t Worry, Darling.’ Jason got heated upon a salad that Olivia had prepared for Harry Styles. 

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But both Jason and Olivia have issued a statement claiming that the nanny was trying to defame them. And all of this was a part of her big 18-month campaign to harass them. And this is how the articles about who Jason Sudeikis is dating went viral. So, we hope that we have helped clear your confusion about the dating life of the star. Currently, it appears like he is not dating anyone. Well, for now, he’s busy filming the third and last season of Ted Lasso. For which he has received numerous prestigious awards. For more such information, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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