Jakub Jankto is Gay: The Player Revealed His Sexuality Officially

Jakub Jankto gay speculations have been confirmed by the football player himself. The Czech international midfielder didn’t hold back his feelings this time. In this 21st century, when the world is more accepting towards same-sex marriage, it is still a taboo for certain people. The popularity of Jakub Jankto gay news will hopefully have no negative impact on his career. However, there is always a risk. Jakub is amongst the most high-profile male soccer players who have quite a huge fanbase. Now, he had to put his future aspirations and career in line to come clean with his identity.

Jakub Jankto gay announcement wasn’t that shocking for his fans because, deep down, everyone knew it. But currently, he has some level of threat since not all will be there to support him. Besides, it was peers that did inspire him to reveal his true identity and led to the coming out of “Jakub Jankto gay” news. Here is how the footballer shared his news with the fans.

Jakub Jankto Gay Revelation: How Did The Footballer Come Out?

Jakub Jankto gay announcement was made when he uploaded a video on Twitter stating that he is homosexual on 13th February 2023, Monday. The footballer confirmed that he doesn’t want to hide any longer and wants everyone to embrace the fact that Jakub Jankto is gay. The video blew up, drawing more attention to Jakub’s personal life. The video was long, where he expressed his emotions, like how he is serious about his profession and passion. Along with Jakub Jankto gay news, he also reminded everyone how he wants to live his life in freedom without having any fear or being a subject of violence.

Jakub Jankto Gay Revelation: How Did The Footballer Come Out?
Jakub Jankto Gay Revelation: How Did The Footballer Come Out?

His “Jakub Jankto gay” announcement came after Jake Daniels, the player of English second-division Blackpool, was Britain’s first active male professional football player who opened up about his sexuality. Before Jake, Justin Fashanu shared he is gay back in 1990. Later in 2021, Josh Cavallo also came clean with his sexuality. They were from different teams, but their revelation was equally important for the community.

The 27-year-old Jankto, who is now on loan from Spanish club Getafe to play for Sparta Prague, took the bold move to share his story. He was previously playing for Italian clubs, namely Sampdoria and Udinese. As a matter of fact, he also made as many as 45 appearances in the Czech national team. Hopefully, his professional career will not have an adverse effect because of the Jakub Jankto gay revelation.

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How Did Sparta Prague and Premier League React To The News

The Jakub Jankto gay news is a huge update because of the myths associated with it. Football is more like a masculine sport for the fans. Moreover, people may think that he is not fit for this sport even after proving his skills. Well, his team Sparta Prague came in support of Jakub Jankto gay news and released a statement to show their support. The club shared how Jakub had opened up about his sexual orientation a while ago in additional details about his personal life. The club didn’t go into details about their conversation but assured Jakub that they will support him in this journey. It even asked Jakub to live life however he wants.

On the other hand, the official Premier League Twitter account also replied to the video about Jakub Jankto gay. The league confirmed that it will support Jakub since “football is for everyone”. Plus, Fifpro even tweeted after the news broke out. It stated how proud Fifpro is of Jakub and asked him to live his life on his own terms.

Jakub Jankto Gay
Jakub Jankto Gay

Thus, Jakub Jankto gay has gained support from all the big names in the football industry, including the fans. As Jakub Jankto gay news is now viral, he just wants the world to accept how he is. It was very brave of the footballer to share his story, and all his loved ones are happy for him. We wish Jakub all the best for his future!

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