Simon Dunn Cause of Death: Gay Rugby Player Dies at the age of 35

Simon Dunn cause of death has created shockwaves in the sports community and amongst all his fans. The end of the Australian bobsledder and rugby player was more than just heart-breaking since he was an inspiration. Being an openly gay sports personality wasn’t easy, and Simon still took the risk of educating the world about his true identity fearlessly. He vocalized his thoughts and took a stand for his entire gay community. It is rare to have an idol fighting for rights in general. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that so many people came forward to learn about Simon Dunn cause of death.

Simon Dunn Cause of Death Gay Rugby Player Dies at the age of 35
Simon Dunn Cause of Death Gay Rugby Player Dies at the age of 35

With so many achievements in his life, Simon had much more to achieve. But his personal life was a mess in the recent past, and she was struggling to find peace. Though Simon Dunn’s cause of death has sparked many different speculations, the fans are patiently waiting to find the truth. So, we are uncovering all the information related to the unfortunate events of Simon Dunn’s cause of death.

Simon Dunn Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

Simon Dunn cause of death at age 35 is not revealed, but he was found dead in Surry Hills, Sydney, on 21st January 2023, Saturday, at 10 a.m. His agent, Rugby Rose Management, and the police officials came forward to deliver this news. Furthermore, the New South Wales Police released a statement claiming that the Surry Hills Police Area Command had begun inquiries to find out about Simon Dunn’s cause of death. But nothing suspicious or foul play has been detected to hint at Simon Dunn’s cause of death. The local community is devastated upon learning the news of Simon’s death. 

Simon recently relocated to Canada to explore more career opportunities and play for his country. But no one could have ever thought that Simon Dunn’s cause of death would be a topic of discussion in the future.

Who Was Simon Dunn?

After Simon Dunn’s cause of death got mainstream attention, everyone tried to find out about his life. Australian bobsledder and professional rugby player Simon Dunn was born on 27th July 1987 in Sydney, Australia. He was Australia’s first openly gay bobsledder star to share his ideologies and support for LGBT rights. Simon used to play for his home country Australia and represented the same in the North American Cup. He was also a player for the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club. His athletic career attained extreme success after becoming part of the Australian national team. Simon Dunn’s cause of death has brought hard times on the entire sports world. 

It was not until 2012 that the player tried his luck to join the Australian bobsled team, and in no time, he earned the prestige of a skillful athlete in the sport. He then competed in international competitions such as FIBT World Championships. Simon Dunn’s cause of death is gaining so much importance because he was a treasure for the Australian team since he did help in taking the team to many top finishes.

Simon Dunn Was A Gay Activist 

The player retired in 2016 and could have never foreseen that Simon Dunn’s cause of death would become a piece of news. Well, after his 2016 retirement, he joined the gay London rugby side Kings Cross Steelers and then came back to Sydney. Even after retirement, he received two consecutive Australian LGBTI Awards Sports Personality of the Year in 2018 and 2019. 

Earlier in his career, he did talk about all the dark times and bullying that happened throughout his life. But that was never the reason for Simon Dunn’s cause of death. Simon was about advocating for LGBTQ+ visibility in sports and wanted to raise awareness for inclusivity. He returned from retirement in 2021 to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics. But after a bicep injury, he did have to miss out on the opportunity. Hence, fans are eager to learn about Simon Dunn’s cause of death to gain insights.

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Simon Dunn Was Going Through A Rough Year

Many are assuming that Simon Dunn’s cause of death may be suicide because he did have a rough year both in his professional and personal life. However, there are still no facts to support this claim. We have already mentioned that Simon couldn’t play for his country during the Winter Olympics 2022 due to his injury. But his personal life was also a mess. He and his lover parted ways after spending five years together. The break-up was hard on the player. Simon Dunn’s cause of death could be many reasons after fans are getting to learn the details.

In addition to that, the recovery from his injuries was way more painful. He couldn’t eat or sleep, entered a dark headspace, and even thought himself a failure. Simon even felt he wasn’t manly enough to handle these pains. This pushed him to a dark life he would have never imagined. 

Simon Dunn’s cause of death is still in suspense, but the reports will soon come out. The player has lived a life of glory, stood up against bullies, and made himself worthy of all the achievements. He will be missed, and we hope he finds peace wherever he goes!

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