Is Laenor dead?

Every episode of House of the Dragon has ended phenomenally with someone’s death. In episode 5, viewers saw the shocking death of Joffrey, Laenor Velaryon’s secret boyfriend. Then, by the end of episode 6, viewers saw Laena, Laenor’s sister, passed away. So, whose death did episode 7 feature? Is Laenor dead because of his actions? Or will we see more of him in the upcoming episodes? Here is the ending of House of the Dragon explained, especially regarding Laenor and what the future holds for him.

What was House of the Dragon Episode 7 about?

The episode mainly revolves around Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon. It shows who the father of her kids is and how her marriage has been functioning all these years. It also shows the Blacks versus the Greens.

Every bit of the episode is epic as we get to see flames reignite between Rhaenyra and Daemon. We see the duo do everything in their power to get married and live the rest of their lives as husband and wife. But for this to happen, a price has to be paid. After all, Rhaenyra is still married to her husband, Laenor, and divorce is not an option in Westeros. Read more to get answer to your question, Is Laenor dead or not?

Is Laenor dead?

For Daemon to marry the love of his life Rhaenyra, Laenor must not exist. However, Rhaenyra cares much about her husband and does not want him dead. Even though the book Fire & Blood, written by George R. R. Martin, shows Laenor dying, things turn out differently in the seventh episode.

Is Laenor dead?
Is Laenor dead?

It is not until the end of the episode that we discover Laenor is alive and sailing in a boat with Qarl. Furthermore, he shaved off his flowing Velaryon hair and was part of the plan that involved faking his death so that he could move away from Westeros and lead his homosexual life openly.

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How did Laenor survive his Death?

The answer to it is simple! It was all a master plan designed by Rhaenyra and Daemon to fake Laenor’s death so that they could get married and Laenor could live his life peacefully. Daemon didn’t mind killing Laenor so that they could achieve their plans. However, Rhaenyra informs Daemon that she loves Laenor and wouldn’t want him to get killed. And so, Daemon asks her to let him go and be free from all this bond that won’t let him be himself openly.

They devise a plan and include Ser Qarl in it as he shares a close relationship with Laenor.

Daemon gives gold to Ser Qarl, explaining to him the plan and saying:

“There are places across the Narrow Sea where it doesn’t matter what a man’s name is, only how much gold he possesses.”

Ser Qarl understands the plan and how it would be beneficial for Laenor. This is because he once lived in Pentos, so he knows how Laenor can be free from his title and the pressure of hiding his sexuality from everyone.

The plan starts with Daemon killing a servant secretly and Ser Qarl initiating his fight with Laenor in the presence of one witness. This witness runs to call others for help, and during this short time, Daemon comes with the dead body of the servant. The trio makes the servant wear Laenor’s boots and throw him in the fire. Laenor escapes from the scene, and when the Velaryons come, they find a dead body in the fire and assume it is that of Laenor. After all, the dead body is disfigured because of the fire but is wearing Laenor’s boots, the only sign that indicates that it is Laenor who has passed away.

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Why did Rhaenyra and Daemon plan Laenor’s death?

The duo had other motives besides wanting to be together. They plan Laenor’s death so he can be free to do whatever he wants, and Rhaenyra can create fear in her enemies’ hearts.

Daemon makes Rhaenyra understand why they should spread rumors that they are both responsible for Laenor’s death. He explains to her that this will make her enemies think that the duo is capable of doing anything, and this is why she should never be messed with.

Why did Rhaenyra and Daemon plan Laenor's death?
Why did Rhaenyra and Daemon plan Laenor’s death?

Moreover, Rhaenyra also realizes that with her uncle Daemon by her side, no one will question the legitimacy of her children. Hence, it will help secure her position as heir to the throne and her children’s future. She understands that her marriage to Daemon will shut the mouths of all doubters and trouble mongers. It will create a strong bond that will allow the duo to fight off any obstacle.

Hope you got answer to your question, Is Laenor dead?. Many more exciting scenes will take place in the next episode, especially now that Laenor is off to live his life and Rhaenyra is married to Daemon.

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