Ian Bairnson Cause of Death: Kate Bush’s Guitarist Ian Bairnson Dies Aged 69

Kate Bush’s guitarist, Ian Bairnson, a Scottish musician and one of the chief members of the Alan Parsons Project, died at the age of 69 after battling with a chronic and challenging disease. Ian Bairnson cause of death is confirmed. Ian was a multi-instrumentalist who played keyboards and saxophone but gained worldwide popularity as a guitarist. He was also renowned for preferring the sound of a sixpence to a plectrum.

In addition, Ian Bairnson was also a member of the band Pilot and played the guitar on Kate Bush’s 1978 classic “Wuthering Heights.” Moreover, hearing about the loss of such a great musician is saddening. The admirers are eager to learn about Ian Bairnson cause of death. Keep reading the article to get details about Ian Bairnson cause of death.

What Was Ian Bairnson Cause of Death?

Ian Bairnson cause of death was dementia. He passed away on Friday, April 7, 2023. He had been suffering from a deathly illness for a long time that had confined him to his house and hospital. Fortunately, Ian Bairson cause of death was not an accident, he died of natural death. Furthermore, Ian Bairnson was admitted to Frimley Park Hospital and the Lynwood Care Home before his death.

Ian Bairnson Cause of Death: Kate Bush’s Guitarist Ian Bairnson Dies Aged 69
Ian Bairnson Cause of Death: Kate Bush’s Guitarist Ian Bairnson Dies Aged 69

Leila Barinson, the devastated wife of the legendary musician, announced the news of Ian’s passing in an online post on her social media platform. Leila revealed that her sweetest, kindest, and most loving husband had left her alone. Further, she added that her husband had left the world, but his musical legacy would stay with them. Ian’s musical journey would forever continue to delight and brighten their lives, as it had done his life. Besides, Leila Bairnson takes comfort in the fact that her husband is resting up there in his very own piece of “blue blue sky.”

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She also showed gratitude to the medical professionals caring for her beloved husband. Leila Barinson thanked the doctors and nurses at Frimley Park Hospital. Ian’s wife did not forget the managers and carers at Lynwood Care Home for their vigorous exertion to accommodate her husband during the strenuous time of his life. She also praised her and Ian Bairnson’s families and close friends for the love and support they provided them during those challenging years of Ian’s long battle with dementia.

Born on August 3, 1953, in Lerwick, United Kingdom, Ian Bairnson was a prominent member of the Alan Parsons Project between 1975 and 1990. However, in 2018, he was diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition, which made him stop performing as a guitarist. Dementia greatly affected his communication skills, which caused him to stop playing in public; however, he continued to play piano and guitar daily for his pleasure after the diagnosis of his life-threatening illness.

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