I am Groot Release Date Announced by Disney?

Disney Plus is currently working on multiple exciting projects, one of which is Groot! So this makes it clear that all the news regarding its production was not a rumour. We’ll get to see Disney’s I am Groot shortly! Well, now that we have a poster for the project, the plot details are no longer a secret. You’ll read more about it in the article below!

We first saw Baby Groot in Guardians of The Galaxy, and fans have always adored him since then. But nothing about him appeared in the later movies, making the fans curious. After all, little is known about how he turned from a sapling into a guardian. So, it will surely make up a good story. Thankfully Disney gave in and ordered the series. Moreover, as it is a miniseries, the chances of it having a sequel are fairly low. But you never know what Marvel will decide!

When will Disney release I Am Groot?

It will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on 10th August. The series will have five episodes in total, and unlike other Disney shows, it will not follow the weekly premiere schedule. Instead, all five episodes will become available for streaming simultaneously. You can easily binge-watch the entire series in one go! 

When will Disney release I Am Groot?
When will Disney release I Am Groot?

Although the first season is only five episodes long, don’t be disheartened because Disney has already confirmed the second season of ‘I Am Groot,’ which will premiere in 2023! They have even confirmed that Vin Diesel will return to reprise his role of Groot. Kirsten Lepore is the director, whereas Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso and James Gunn are the show’s executive producers. 

Who will feature in I Am Groot?

Given the show’s screen time, it does not have a lot of characters. The official Marvel website has only mentioned Groot and Rocket. But this small cast does not mean that the show will lack content! Vin Diesel will yet again lend his voice to Groot. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper will voice the character of Rocket. 

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What is the storyline?

As the episodes are limited and the screen time is less, we will see only a bit of Groot’s life. His interactions with different alien species will be the main plot of the entire show. Although both Rocket and Groot are in the show, don’t expect to see much of their partnership as, according to official reports, Rocket has only featured in one of the five episodes. To put it simply, each episode will focus on a new adventure for Groot while he meets the new species. The setting is different from the Guardians Galaxy! Of course, on this journey, he’ll make friends and enemies. It will surely be a delight! 

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Every Marvel show has a specific timeline. Of course, ‘I Am Groot’ does too! The story takes place between the end of Guardians 2 and the tag scene of Guardians 2. The description is vague, but you’ll understand once you get into the show. The cast also has only two members, which means that the story will barely get any development. But as the second season will premiere in the following year, expect that one to have a stronger storyline! 

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Is there a trailer for I Am Groot?

Yes! You can watch the official trailer for Disney’s I am Groot on YouTube. The footage is not as long as other Marvel shows, but it will give you a rough idea of what to expect from the show. From the looks of it, we are quite excited to go on this new journey with Groot, whom we met as a baby. The blue aliens were quite shocked to see Groot in their habitat. At the same time, Groot did not seem bothered by their concern. He was having the time of his life in his perfect leafy costume. We are sure that the team has something interesting for us in store. So, don’t forget to tune in on 10th August. That said, this was all you needed to know about Disney’s upcoming series ‘I Am Groot.’ 

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