Stardew Valley Sprinkler – How to Get sprinklers ASAP?

There are a lot of RPG games available on the internet to play, but every other gamer loves to play Stardew Valley. Why? Because this game can take over the addiction of Moon harvest, FarmVille and Warframe. So, what does make this game so addicting? Is it the farming tactics, bundles, community center, luau or what? But according to my experience with Stardew Valley, it is the ability to build a relationship get married to NPC’s such as Sebastian, Haley and Emily. However, some farmers find it interesting because it gives them several options to grow crops. Such as greenhouse, which is very useful in winters. But if you have a sprinkler in your greenhouse, then you can utilise your time to complete other tasks in Stardew Valley. But, what are these Stardew Valley Sprinkler and how to build or get them?

Stardew Valley Sprinkler

What is Stardew Valley Sprinkler And How to Use it?

The Stardew Valle Sprinkler is an item which will take care of the irrigation of your fields. It wakes up automatically in every morning and water the four adjacent areas.

Sprinklers are automatically unlocked at level 2 by earning XP after completing farming activities. Initially, you get a regular four tile + pattern sprinkler, later which you can upgrade to quality sprinkler at level 6 to irrigate eight surrounding tiles. At 9th level, you get an iridium sprinkler which waters the 24 surroundings.

With the Stardew Valley sprinkler, you can only water the tilled tiles, but you can’t use it to water garden pots or to fill your pet’s water bowl.

Can I use a Sprinkler as A gift?

A short answer is no. You can’t use this as a gift. Because there isn’t a single who love or like to receive a sprinkler as a gift. Everyone hate or dislike it.

How to Craft/ Make a Sprinkler?

In the game, there are three sprinklers, and each of them can be crafted after completing a certain level. Let’s read further to know what are the ingredients required to prepare a Stardew valley sprinkler.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler

It will be your first sprinkler. You will get basic sprinkler after completing the second level. As mentioned earlier, it just has a reach of one tile, water total of four tiles in every direction. However, this sprinkler is easy to craft. But it becomes very difficult when it comes to giving it a place in a cross shape.

To craft it, you just need to put a copper bar and iron ingot in the oven.

The placement factor of this sprinkler is quite awkward, as you can just place it diagonally. If you try to put them in a neat square, then there always will be some gap between these. According to some players, setting up a sprinkler can be fastidious and finicky work to do in the game. If you also usually place a sprinkler at a wrong place, then don’t worry. Just hit it with a pickaxe or axe to put it back in your inventory to start again.

Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler

You can unlock the quality sprinkler at level 6, and to craft, just place one iron bar, one gold bar and one refined quartz in your oven and wait until it is ready to be collected.

This sprinkler makes you able to irrigate eight tiles all around it. With the quality sprinkler, it becomes easy to organise and plan 3×3 squares of your farming area.

In comparison to the basic sprinkler, a quality sprinkler is an excellent investment. Because when you decide to upgrade to iridium sprinkler, then you can sell the quality ones 450G per sprinkler.

What is Best Placement of Quality Sprinkler?

When you plan to place them, just maintain a two tiles gap between each other, so, they don’t overlap. Furthermore, you can also choose it to put in a vast area of the same field else you can divide your farm fields into smaller sections of different crops.

Stardew Valley sprinklers

Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler

Among these three, the Iridium sprinkler is the best one. With the help of an iridium sprinkler, you can rinse 24 tiles of your crops in a neat 5×5 square area.

Though the iridium sprinkler is the best but collecting the resources to craft, is a tedious task. Because you can get the gold ores through mines, the battery packs are also readily available, which you can get by just placing the several lighting rods on your farm. But to get iridium bars, you will need to do challenging jobs.

How to Get an Iridium Sprinkler Asap?

To be honest, there isn’t any shortcut or trick to get a single piece of iridium sprinkler. To get the iridium bars, you must go to the Skull Cavern, which is located in the desert. But to even access the cavern, you must have at least level 120 in the mine and also need to repair the community center vault, which will cost you a massive 42,500 gold coins.

After doing all these tasks, go to the lowest part of the cavern to get some iridium ores. While exploring the lower parts of cavern, just make sure that you are equipped with powerful weapons, stairs, and bombs to reach them. 

Even after collecting all these resources, you’ll need to reach farming level 9 to start crafting the iridium sprinklers.

This sprinkler offers you a 5×5 layout which is quite easy to plan the placement. To get the most efficient coverage from these sprinklers, just place them four tiles away from each other. Moreover, by placing three iridium sprinklers in a perfect manner, you will be able to water 72 fields else you can craft and place six sprinklers to water 144 fields.

Are the Stardew Valley Sprinklers Worth it?

After considering the above facts and uses of sprinklers, we concluded that sprinklers in Stardew valley are very useful. Why? Because a sprinkler saves your time by not allowing you to click gazillion times a day to water your crops. If you are new to Stardew Valley, then you may find some difficulties in placing and finding the best sprinkler layouts. But once after finding the best layout, then you don’t even need to get a thought to water your crops.


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