Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

Just like fair, the Stardew valley Luau is also a festival. The villagers celebrate Luau in Stardew valley on 11th of every Summer. The event gives you a chance to raise your friendship level very quickly. The one and the only way to enter the festival by going to the beach between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. You can’t access the beach area before 9:00 am.

During the Luau, you can spend your all day at the beach, or you can socialise to become friends with several folks of Stardew Valley village. But when it ends. You’ll be returned to your farm at 10′ O clock.

Is It Necessary to Attend Stardew Valley Luau Festival?

Well, it all depends on you. But if you have already planned to visit a house or a shop during the festival, then all of them will be abandoned automatically because the shops and houses remain locked until the festival ends and you reach your farm. Therefore, there is no significant reason for you to stay home.

What is the Motive of Luau Stardew Valley Festival?

The primary purpose of these twelve festivals is to help you increase your friendship levels through the global event. In these events, you can socialise and start a new friendship with several of the townspeople at the same time and place.

Stardew Valley Luau Potluck soup

The main attraction of the Luau is the communal potluck soup, which is made by the ingredients added by several villagers. Combining the best ingredient to the soup is the most crucial part of this event. Because with an exact recipe you will become friends with everyone, including the Governor.

Your friendship level will decrease if you add a wrong ingredient. You’ll lose your popularity level and will also become unpopular among the villagers. But friendships with Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, the other player’s Children, and the Dwarf are never affected.

How to Participate in Luau Festival?

Before the festival, the mayor Lewis will send you an invitation to join. Then you can directly head to the beach between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Furthermore, in the invitation letter, Lewis will also remind you to bring something good along with you.

Stardew Valley Luau invitation letter from Mayor Lewis

Stardew Valley Luau Potluck Soup Ingredients and Points Guide

During this event, every player tries to focus on the soup to make it tasty. Hence they need to impress the Governor to earn points. As per the instructions mentioned in the invitation letter of Mayor, every villager brings something useful to add in the soup. Remember that you must bring something uncooked and an edible. The game doesn’t inform players that Potluck is a soup. Even they also won’t tell you that which cooked, or inedible items are not valid.

Life Elixir and Oil of Garlic are crafted and not cooked; the game considers them “cooked” items, so they are not eligible for the potluck soup.  Magic Rock Candy is also a “cooked” thing, so it’s not suitable.  Field Snack, however, is permissible.

To help you to win, below you can find the list of items which you can add in the potluck soup to get the best response from the mayor.

List of items to get Best Response

Stardew Valley Luau items to get best response from governor

Quick Suggestion: Accordingly, every villager aims to impress the Governor. Though, each items base selling price, quality and healing ability are the three main determining factors that help to get the Governor’s best reaction. Profession bonuses which help to increase the selling price of several items such as Rancher, Angler, etc. aren’t the best to things to throw in the soup pot.

If you add something worthy to the soup, then the governor will say the below-mentioned words. And you will earn 120 friendship points with the villagers. If you are playing Stardew Valley Multiplayer game, then each player must add an item from the above mentioned to get his best response.

If you have thrown something very good in the potLuck soup, then he will say the following lines.

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

“Oh my… that’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted!”
— Governor

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

When he feels good, he says the lines quoted below. And 60 points will be added to your friendship level with the villagers.

Good Response
“ “Ah… that’s a delightful soup. The produce from this valley never disappoints!”
— Governor

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

The player earns 60 friendship points with the villagers.

On his neutral response, you’ll neither earn or loss any friendship point with the villagers.

Neutral Response
“ “Hmm… I don’t have much to say about this. It’s an average soup.”
— Governor

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

If you add something that doesn’t have a reasonable base selling price, then your 50 friendship points will be deducted with the villagers if you use the items mentioned below.

Bad Response
“ “Um… It’s actually kind of disgusting. I think I’ll pass on the soup this year.”
— Governor

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor
  • Anchovy.
  • Blackberry.
  • Carp.
  • Crocus.
  • Daffodil.
  • Field Snack.
  • Green Algae.
  • Herring.
  • Joja Cola.
  • Salmonberry.
  • Seaweed.
  • Spring Onion.
  • Sunfish.
  • Sweet Pea.
  • Unmilled Rice.
  • White Algae.

Worst Reaction

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

At his worst reaction, the Governor will pass out, and it will cost you 100 friendship points with all villagers. So, never try to add any of the below-mentioned items to the soup pot.

  • Holly.
  • Pufferfish.
  • Red Mushroom.
  • Sap.
  • Scorpion Carp.
  • Sea Cucumber.
  • Void Mayonnaise.

Something’s Missing

Stardew Valley Luau: Guide, Tips and Tricks To Impress The Governor

Even so, if you decide nothing to do with the soup, then he will say that “it tastes like if something was missed.” It also won’t affect your friendship level as you didn’t contribute to the event.

Quick Tip:- You can add a staircase to the soup, to generate the “Missing Something” response from the governor.

How to get Secret Response From Governor in Stardew Valley Luau Festival?

You can get the secret response of Governor by embarrassing him in front of the crowd. To do so, just add Mayor Lewis’s purple shorts to the soup. By doing so, the governor and mayor will feel embarrased and this will result in an unprecedented response from both of them.

If you are on a multiplayer platform, and any of the players have added those purple shorts to the soup pot, then it will also result in a secret response, no matter what everyone added. In this trick, the friendship level with villagers remains unaffected.

As soon as the Governor tastes the soup, Stardew Valley Luau festival will end.


That’s all which you should know about the Stardew Valley Luau festival. If you think we have missed something or got anything that should be added to this article. Then, please use the comment section below.


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