Stardew Valley Community Center: Know How to Rebuild the Community Center

A vital part of the game, Stardew Valley, is the Community Center. It is essential to have detailed knowledge about it to excel in this game. We realise that it is a bit difficult to understand how to restore the community centre. Hence, we have compiled a guide for you that will not only tell you what a Stardew Valley community center is but its benefits as well. Keep on reading to learn everything about the Stardew Valley community center is Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Community Center Location

The building of Community Center is located in the northern part of Pelican Town. It is a brown brick wall building surrounded by plants with a clock present above the door. Initially, it is locked and occupied by Junimos who are forest spirits. You must unlock the Stardew Valley Community Center and complete bundles to cause the Junimos to return to the forest.

Pelican Town

Pelican Town is part of Stardew Valley, and this is the only place from where you can start your journey in this game. About 30 residents reside in it, and you will meet and befriend them as the game progresses. One of the residents might even turn out to be your characters another half. You get a lot of choices such as Sebastian, Abigail, Penny, Leah, etc.

Stardew Valley Community Center
Stardew Valley Community Center

Opening the Stardew Valley Community Center

To unlock the Community Center, you must make your character enter the town through the Bus Stop route. You must enter the city, when it is not raining and between the period of 8 am and 1 pm on day 6. This will trigger a cut scene in which the Mayor of Pelican Town, Mayor Lewis will unlock the Community Center. Upon going inside, several Junimos will appear and go away before Mayor Lewis.

Then, Lewis comments that the place might be infested with rats. At the end of the cut scene, the Stardew Valley Community Center will remain open for forever, and you will get a new quest called “Rat Problem”.

The “Rat Problem” Quest

To complete this quest, you must go back inside the community centre and click on the golden scroll present in the lower left room. The writing in the manuscript will be indecipherable, and you won’t be able to understand it.

  • “Meet the Wizard” Quest

On the next day, i.e., Day 7, you will get a new mail from the Wizard asking you to come to see him regarding the Rat Problem. Upon reading this letter, you will unlock the “Meet the Wizard” quest. You can visit the Wizard by going to his tower that is located near to the Cinder Sap Forest.

Upon visiting the Wizard, he will give you a potion that will allow you to understand the Junimo’s language. With the help of magic potion, you’ll be able to read the golden scrolls.

Once you’re able to read the golden scrolls, the “Rat Problem” Quest will be completed.

Restoring the Stardew Valley Community Center:

The first scroll in the game says, “We the junimo are happy to help you. In return, we ask for gifts of the valley. If you are one with forest magic, then you will see the true nature of this scroll.”

It means that the Junimos will help you restore the Community Center if you give them gifts.

There are various rooms present in the Community Center. Each room has different quests called ‘Bundles’. These bundles require you to get specific items or money in the places to sacrifice to the Junimos. Upon completion of each bundle, you get rewards that allow you to restore the Community Center along with restoring Stardew Valley itself.

After completion of all the bundles, the Community Center is restored to its previous glory, and the Junimos returned to the forest.

Stardew Valley Community Center Reopening Ceremony

Stardew Valley Community Center
Villagers enjoying the Stardew Valley Community Center reopening ceremony

After the complete restoration of the Center, a Community Center Reopening Ceremony takes place on the next day. The ceremony will be delayed if it rains or if you have a festival planned for that day.

Once the ceremony takes place, you are given a reward. The reward includes unlocking the ‘Local Legend’ achievement along with the Stardew Hero Trophy, which will be presented to you by the Mayor during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a fight takes place between Morris, the owner of Joja Mart, and Pierre, the owner of Pierres General Store. You can then choose between two options to calm the situation which is “Let’s be reasonable” and “Let’s settle this the old-fashioned way.”

  • “Let’s Be Reasonable” Option:

If you choose this option, Morris will talk about having a sale to attract people while Pierre will talk about his experience living in Pelican Town. He talks about how the sense of family and attachment that town had has been lost due to Joja Mart. He will ask people to boycott it. The people agree, and Morris gets upset about how his business is ruined.

  • “Let’s Settle This The Old-Fashioned Way.” Option:

If you choose this option, a fight will take place between Morris and Pierre. Pierre will punch Morris with an extreme force that he will fly out through the ceiling. Pierre will then smugly smile and pose with his sunglasses.

Changes That Take Place After The Stardew Valley Community Center Opening Ceremony:

After the Ceremony, Joja mart shuts down, and the building becomes deserted. Pierre’s General Store will remain open every day, including Wednesdays while the Blacksmith shop becomes closed on Fridays.

The Joja Membership:

You can also buy the Joja Membership from Morris. This will lead to the destruction of the Community Center. If you purchaseJoja mart membership, then community centre will be replaced by the Joja Warehouse.

In this scenario, you will need to buy the community development projects to restore Stardew Valley from the Joja Community Development instead of completing bundles in the Community Center.

This will also have the added benefited of making the price of JojaMart items (which are more expensive) the same as that of Pierre’s General Store (which is cheaper).

Now, you know all about the Stardew Valley Community Center. Have fun playing Stardew Valley and growing your farm.


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