How Old is Rupert Murdoch New Wife, Elena Zhukova?

Fifth time’s the charm? Get to know Rupert Murdoch’s new wife!
Rupert Murdoch is one of the celebrities with most number of relationships, formerly renowned as the elite’s top bachelor, quietly married his fifth bride, Elena Zhukova, on Saturday. As the chairman emeritus of Fox Corporation, Murdoch remains a newsmaker, now for his marriage to Zhukova.

How Old Is Rupert Murdoch New Wife?

Elena Zhukova with Rupert

Rupert Murdoch’s new wife is 67 years old, nearly as old as Prudence, Murdoch’s first daughter from his first marriage.

As of 2024, Murdoch and his family’s net worth is nearly $20 billion, as estimated by Forbes.

For decades, Rupert Murdoch led Fox Corporation and News Corp, overseeing outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and Fox News. Murdoch announced in September 2023 that he would step down as chairman of both entities, passing the baton to his son Lachlan. While retaining an “active role” in News Corp, Murdoch serves as chairman emeritus of both companies.

Rupert Murdoch New Wife Age Difference

Rupert Murdoch New Wife Elena age difference

The media mogul is 93 years old, while Rupert Murdoch’s new wife is 67. That’s a 26-year difference.

However, for the nonagenarian, 26 years appears to be a breeze: He shared a significant age gap of 38 years with his third wife, Wendi Deng, a Chinese-born television executive, from whom he divorced in 2013.

Who is Rupert Murdoch New Wife?

Rupert Murdoch New Wife Elena age difference

Rupert Murdoch’s new wife came around within a year of his previous engagement ending, and he instantly proposed to her.

Elena Zhukova, a retired molecular biologist once married to Russian billionaire Alexander Zhukov. Zhukova’s daughter, Dasha Zhukova, was previously married to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

How Many Times Has Rupert Murdoch Married?

Rupert Murdoch All Five wivesThroughout his life, the founder of News Corp. and Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, has been married five times. His romantic relationships, which include high-profile unions. Every time Rupert Murdoch’s new wife captured public attention.

Here’s a timeline of his marriages.

1. Patricia Booker

Patricia Booker

In 1956, at age 25, Rupert Murdoch defied his mother, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, by marrying Patricia Booker, a former model and flight attendant. Their daughter, Prudence, now 66, sits on the board of Times Newspapers, a News Corp subsidiary, per London’s Evening Standard. They divorced in 1967 after 11 years.

2. Anna Murdoch Mann

Anna Murdoch Mann with rupert

Shortly after his divorce from his first wife, Rupert Murdoch met Anna Murdoch Mann, formerly Torv. They first crossed paths when Anna, then 18 and working for Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, interviewed Murdoch, who later owned the paper. Their 32-year marriage produced three children: Elisabeth, Lachlan, and James Murdoch.
Despite its length, their relationship soured towards the end amid rumors of Murdoch’s affair with Wendi Deng, then an intern at News Corp’s Star TV. They divorced in 1999. Reflecting on their marriage, Anna lamented in a 2001 interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, “I thought we had a wonderful, happy marriage. Obviously we didn’t.”

His separation from his second wife, Anna, is renowned as one of the most expensive divorces ever, with reports suggesting she received a staggering $1.7 billion settlement, though this figure has been contested.

3. Wendi Deng


Just 17 days after finalizing his divorce from Anna Murdoch Mann in June 1999, Rupert Murdoch, then 68, wedded Chinese-American entrepreneur Wendi Deng, who was 31, according to the Evening Standard. They first encountered each other when Deng, then 29, interned at Star TV, a Hong Kong television station owned by News Corp. They have two daughters, Grace and Chloe. Deng and Murdoch parted ways in 2013.

4. Jerry Hall


A week before turning 85 in 2016, Rupert Murdoch married former supermodel and actress Jerry Hall, then 59. Hall, previously wedded to Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, shared four children with him before their 1999 annulment.
After six years, Hall initially filed for divorce in June 2022, but later withdrew her petition in August, as reported by the Associated Press. A day after news of Hall’s filing, their representatives announced their divorce had been finalized, stating they “remain good friends and wish each other the best for the future.”

5. Ann Lesley Smith

Ann Lesley Smith with Rupert

In March 2023, Rupert Murdoch announced his fifth marriage to Ann Lesley Smith, 66, a former model and police chaplain. Their engagement, marked by Murdoch’s nervous proposal on St. Patrick’s Day, ended abruptly in April 2023, just weeks later.

Rupert Murdoch’s New Wife Marriage Details

How Old is Rupert Murdoch New Wife

Billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch tied the knot with his fifth spouse, Elena Zhukova, at his Moraga Vineyards in California recently. Murdoch revealed his engagement with Zhukova back in March 2024.

Bel Air winery Moraga reportedly boasts an 11-bedroom 1920s house once owned by Victor Fleming, director of “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind,” served as the backdrop for Murdoch’s wedding.
Rupert Murdoch new wife donned a gown with a cleavage cutout by London-based designer Emilia Wickstead, known for dressing Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Rupert, aged 93, sported a black tux and black sneakers, prioritizing comfort on his special day.


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