How do I get 10K Instagram Followers?

The biggest desire of an Instagram user is to become a social media influencer and have 10K Instagram Followers or more. Around 80% of Instagram users wish to achieve this. How can one become a social media influencer and what are the requirements to reach that goal. A couple of Instagram influencers suggests, a low number of followers is a blockage in achieving this dream, even after posting a high quality content for years. A minimum of 10K highly relevant followers to your niche are required to be successful. The ultimate question arises that how can I get 10k followers on Instagram in a quick time?

How do I get 10K followers on Instagram?

Instagrammers are searching for ways to get 10k followers for reasons like recognition, monetization, etc. Though, it is more challenging than it sounds and achievable by everyone. Moreover, several Instagram accounts get a massive following of 10k in a month or week. With these success stories, social media experts have carved out ten ways to achieve 10K Instagram followers on your Instagram account in a quick manner. Check them out below.

1. Build your Foundation Following

In the beginning, you can start to add followers to your account using your real-life connections. Pick up the foundation following the first 100 from your near and dear ones, like classmates, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Check for their account via their names, Instagram suggestions, and connections from contacts using other social media accounts.

2. Post Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels work as a wonder in promoting your Instagram account. People see reels relevant from other reports without following them when scrolling via feeds. When you post reels, people can view, like, save, or share them. In this way, it can enhance your Instagram following. Post entertaining reels which capture a lot of attention. Follow the trend and post reels on it to capture more followers.

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

3. Become a Part of Pods

You can also refer to pods as engagement groups created by similar interest creators in a particular niche. In this way, one can interact with other creators of similar niches. For an enhanced Instagram following of 10k in quick time, you can start by joining standard podcasts. This way, similar pod account creators will interact with your post and share comments or likes. This can highlight your account to their followers.

4. Buy Quality Followers

One of the most effective ways to add 10k followers is to buy quality Instagram followers. For this purpose, a lot of websites with high-quality results and providing the free user trial are available. But many Instagram users are afraid of account theft etc. So, we chose and recommend a website for this purpose. You can start via a free trial to learn about Zeru. It comes with speedy delivery, irrespective of your subscribed plan. When you have just created your account, adding initial followers becomes a must to reach a goal of 10k. If you want to achieve this goal, you can buy 100% quality Instagram followers from Zeru.

How do I get 10K Instagram Followers?
How do I get 10K Instagram Followers?

5. Add Proper Hashtags

Another greatest way is adding proper hashtags in all your posts and reels. It has become the topmost way to add new Instagram followers to your account. Users are looking for their preferred content by searching via Hashtags. If you post your content with relevant hashtags, it can come to the eyes of viewers quickly. When you upload a post, add hashtags in your description. In every single post, add about 5-10 famous hashtags.

Instagram Hashtag
Instagram Hashtag

6.Conduct Contests

You can start posting contests with a giveaway feature to attract more followers. A lot of Instagram influencers enhance their growth via prize offers for followers. Choose a prize that matches the theme of your profile and post a giveaway contest by asking followers to share by tagging friends interested in the prize. You can add a rule that it is a must to follow your Instagram account to win the contest.

7. Upload Magnificent Posts

It is an obvious thing that every Instagram post counts when it comes to adding followers. It is the eye-catching part of your account. Being a visual network, you must upload only the most stunning and magnificent posts. You need to consider the quality, colors, brightness, and other relevant factors for all your Instagram posts and reels. It must be an exclusive piece of content for the viewers. Additionally, you can pay attention to maintaining consistency for uploading posts.

You can post content that comes under the following category:

  • Entertaining 
  • Creative
  • Funny
  • Inspiring
  • Alluring aesthetics

8. Partner with Bloggers

One of the most recommended ways to add 10k followers to your Instagram account is by joining hands with other bloggers. In this way, you can gain more followers from their followers and help them too. If you come across a Blogger with a similar following, you can post their content on your story to attract an audience and ask them to do the same. Don’t miss to pay attention to the selection of bloggers to add to your profile and choose it wisely.

9. Reposts Viral Video or Photo

Undoubtedly, one can’t easily repost any other Instagram account’s post without prior consultation. But other account users also search for accounts willing to promote their posts. In this way, you can consult with them and repost their viral content to attract followers to your account. Reposting viral videos or photos seeks attention from viewers. It turns out to be an effective way to reach a following of 10k on Instagram. You can view and download Instagram Story anonymously with Picuki and Storiesdown.

10. Add Brand Names in Your Posts

When using any products from a particular brand, why not post them on your Instagram account? You can add the benefits or limitations associated with it to help viewers know about the product before buying it. If you reach a considerable following, famous brands use your content to post on their account. In this way, you can get huge attention from the Instagram audience. You can upload different brand products or post a review video. What if some other Instagram user is also looking for the same product and buys it after seeing your video? If people like your reviewed brand products, they can follow your account for more brands.

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Marie Foster
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